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The way we travel has a significant impact on our environment. Domestic transport currently accounts for almost a quarter of the UKs total CO2 emissions, with more than half of these from private cars.

The University is currently developing a travel plan that aims to reduce the reliance on the private vehicle (particularly single-occupancy journeys) and increase the amount of staff and students travelling to and around the University by sustainable means.

Cycling and walking are excellent zero carbon forms of transport, particularly for journeys of two miles or less. 1 in 5 of our staff and students currently travel to University by these modes, unlocking further health and wellbeing benefits for themselves as well as saving on the cost of travel.

The University has got excellent public transport links with railway, tram and bus stops directly outside of our campuses. Almost 40% of our staff and students access the University by these means and we hope that through internal and external projects and partnership working they become a realistic travel options for many more people in the future.