National Bird Box Week

The week is National Bird Box Week, 14th-21st February. It aims to encourage local people, schools and business to take an active approach to the conservation of birds and their habitats in their local area.

This year’s focus is the Swift. Often when these birds return from their winter homes in Africa they find their regular nesting spots of nooks and crannies in old roofs have been filled. As these birds will use the same nesting boxes for several years many find it difficult to find a new home.

Go to the official website to see how you can help by making a nest box and monitoring it. You can get also 10% off Swift boxes during NNBW thanks to Jacobi Jayne

The University has just finished an ambitious plan to put up over 40 bird boxes throughout the campus to help promote our wide variety of biodiversity.  For more information go to our biodiversity pages where you will find out about our bird boxes and other biodiversity projects we have here at the University of Salford.

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