Go for Gold week is coming!

A new year always brings winds of change (at least, good intentions in that direction!) and Green Impact is gusting ahead. Seventeen student project assistants have been trained and matched with a team, some doubling to assist larger teams such as GreenLibrary. Ten teams have formed and signed up to our online workbook, with another seven still getting organised but set to get going. Most teams have been progressing with pro-environmental actions towards achieving bronze and even silver awards, with a notable few steaming ahead!

20-24th January will be ‘Go for Gold’ week: five days of themed workshops when teams can meet members of the Environment and Sustainability team and drive forward their Energy, Travel, Waste, Procurement and Communications actions. The team completing the most actions during the week will win a tea party featuring organic teas and a giant homemade cake. A great way to get newly signed-up teams into the swing of Green Impact before the March deadline for workbook submissions. As floods rage and gardeners notice odd happenings in the plant and bug world, the need to take sustainability seriously is ever more critical: join or form a team and go for gold for the team…unlike most new year’s resolutions, your action will be recognised and rewarded! http://www.greenimpact.org.uk/salford/register or contact Charlie for more info- c.spring [at] salford.ac.uk

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