Salford Student Village Goes Green!

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Guest post from UoS Student Village Green Impact team

University of Salford Student Village has really turned up the energy saving dial recently and have been promoting green initiatives Village wide! The team have been working really hard to boost environmental awareness by enforcing minimal wastage & maximised recycling, leaving helpful reminders for staff & residents to switch off lights and have even begun landscaping the grounds in order to plant seasonal flowers & bushes.

Salford Student Village Director Anie Dearden is fully behind the new Village project stating: ‘It’s all about making a positive impact. Every single thing we do every day has an impact on the planet – good or bad. But we have a choice to control the impact we create: from what we buy and eat to how we light and heat up our homes. We have the same choice at work and Salford Student Village has started the change by embracing a greener lifestyle at work.’

The Village’s drive to be green is proving to be very worthwhile, as they are top of the ‘Student Switch Off’ leader board; making them the most energy efficient halls in the whole of Salford for the second year in a row! The team has been helped by students to achieve ‘Bronze’ status in the University of Salford’s Green Impact scheme, competing against teams across the campus to implement a range of environmental improvements: the team will be celebrating their hard work at an awards ceremony at the Old Fire Station in June. Their student Green Impact Project Assistant Laura Reed has helped to plant and maintain wildlife-friendly gardens at the Village and is sharing her ideas with the local IncredibleEdible Salford movement, bringing students and staff together with the local community to create edible landscapes all over the university.

All the Village team are really enthusiastic about the new initiative and are encouraging residents to get behind the campaign too. Any suggestions residents have to help make the Village even more energy efficient the team are happy to take on board, as they continually strive to be the ‘best of the best’ when it comes to being green.

If you have a great idea, or want to get involved in making the Village a greener place, drop an email to

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