A student’s experience of Green Impact

Guest post from Vyara Marinova, Green Impact Project Assistant for the ‘GREEN with envy’ team (Castle Irwell)

Hello, my name is Vyara and I am studying Environmental Management at the University of Salford, Manchester. This academic year I took part in the Green Impact scheme as a Project Assistant.

I think that Green Impact (GI) is really innovative way of promoting and supporting environmental friendly behaviour in the University institutions. I was particularly interested in participating in GI because it allowed me to gain more experience closely related to my degree and to make a positive change in my University and the local community.

I really enjoyed participating in the project, it was a unique experience where I built new skills which I believe will be particularly useful for my future career as an environmental manager.  As part of my work I had to meet with many people who shared their experience, ideas, and feedback.  I learnt a lot from them, I think this is the place to thank them!  Thank you, without your help and opinion my team would not have achieved so much!  (:  Instead of the boring e-mails newsletters were created. They were sent every two weeks to inform everyone about the progress of the campaign, how people can participate and to share fun facts. Also a box for feedback and ideas was placed so that anyone could anonymously share their thoughts and opinions about the project.

I think the biggest barrier for me (and anyone in any institution) is people who do not want to take part and who do not support the eco-friendly way of living. My advice for anyone who comes across this ‘phenomenon’ is to understand that everyone is different and that these people have different values, just state what the benefits for them will be and make them feel special.

Even if your degree is not connected to environment or sustainability you might consider taking part, the scheme is suitable for anyone who is seeking experience or just wants to do voluntarily work during their studies. Participating will provide you with transferable employability skills essential for your future development.

I had an amazing time! Thank you! Good luck to my team, who next year will conquer Silver and Gold award!

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