Advancing towards a greener way of working

Guest post by Paul Butlin (Advancement Green Impact team, Faraday House)

Over the past four months the Advancement team have been working towards Green Impact bronze award. We have found that making lots of small changes has really helped us to change our office into a greener and more sustainable environment.

I asked the team what they have learned from the scheme. One team member said “To be more aware of what I am throwing away and using – recycle!.” Another said “I have learned to ensure that all the computers are turned off in the office of a night and I ensure all the lights go off when I am the last one to leave the office.” Friend of the University and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Mohammed Yunus once said “Start small. Changes always start with small steps.” We have definitely found this to be true for us. If we all make the effort to think more green then collectively we can really make a positive change to our environment.

Before we started the scheme we were not regularly using recycle bins, some colleagues had portable heaters and we weren’t as conscious of our printing, paper usage and switching off our equipment. Due to the Green Impact scheme it is safe to say we have a much better understanding and awareness and can begin to change our behaviour. It has been difficult to engage everyone within the team and there are definitely some colleagues who are more on board than bothers – however it is important for everyone to realise that can make a difference and they only need to make small adjustments. Our director Colin McCallum said “We are reminded that we can all make a difference, no matter how small. The cumulative impact of lots of small changes – even just shutting down computers, switching off lights as you leave the room. It all adds up.”

We are due to move offices very soon and will definitely be taking what we learned to our new space. Here’s to a greener future!

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