We’ve been WARP’ing-it!


Around a year ago we launched WARP-IT at the University of Salford. No, it’s not a system to get us out of here very quickly!! It actually stands for Waste Action Resource Portal, it’s a redistribution network for items that we might usually dispose of.
WARP-it works in a similar way to Ebay or Freecycle but for organisations rather than individuals and makes it easy for departments to give away, loan or claim items unwanted by others within the organisation and beyond.
The scheme encourages reuse, saves money and carbon.
Over the last year we have saved a brilliant £100,000 by using the system (in purchasing and disposal costs)! This has resulted in savings in carbon and waste too as shown below and a return of 56 times our initial investment in the system!


We’re actually currently in 10th position in the national league table for total savings from the scheme!


But we can do more!!!! We want to get to one of those top positions and we need the help of our staff!
What you can do…
1. Register yourself
As a staff member please register on the system by visiting our homepage here: www.warp-it.co.uk/universityofsalford Make sure you book mark it. Hit the big green button which says ‘register’ now. Once you register you will receive further instructions. Also encourage your colleagues!
2. Claim an item
Before purchasing anything for your office or area, check what we have on WARP-it, there may be something you could use! Go to the homepage above, login with your details and select view items.
We launched the system with a free chocolate bar for new sign ups to claim…I think it may be time to do that again so you’ve got to be in it to win it!!
3. Donate an item
If you have any surplus items…WARP-it!
We take reusable furniture, fixtures and fittings, office consumables (such as stationery and ink jet cartridges), but any resource really. As long as it is legal it can be transferred (apart from electrical items).
4. Register a charity
Are you involved with a local charity, community group, faith group or club? Are you looking for office furniture or other resources for your charitable social purpose activities? Look no further! Warp It facilitates the legal and safe transfer of surplus assets to charities and social groups for free.
To sign your local community or charity group up for free visit www.warp-it.co.uk/charities You have to be a charity , social enterprise, community or faith group delivering a social objective to join. So sports clubs, scouts and brownies and any groups serving a social or charitable purpose can join.

Paul Britton, one of our Building Managers has done an amazing job adding on all the items for reuse from the clearance of Faraday building and so many department’s around the University have benefited from these, and some charities so a big thank you to Paul!
We do have some stores to keep items for a period but we are very limited on space so we are trying to redistribute items as soon as possible so please add your item as soon as you can (you can add the date to which it will be available) and we can try and match a recipient as soon as possible!

Thank you and look out for those chocolates!

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