Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Team, Marta!

We are pleased to welcome our new team member, Marta Strzelecka to our team.

Photo of Marta

As our Environmental Management Coordinator, Marta leads on our environmental communication and engagement as well as our green campus and single use plastic commitments. She will also be instrumental in the continual improvement of our Environmental and Energy Management System.

We are particularly pleased that Marta is one of our own! She recently graduated with a master’s in Environmental Assessment and Management from the University of Salford. She also has a background in business management from MMU.

Marta is passionate about environmental protection particularly climate science, ecology and waste reduction. Outside work you’ll find her cooking, reading or spending time in nature, preferably at the same time!

As a student, Marta volunteered with our Green Impact programme and did project work on the University Environmental and Energy Management System so she has hit the ground running and we are excited for her contribution to our team!

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