Meet the Team: Bec Bennett, Assistant Director of Sustainability

Bec Bennett, Assistant Director of Sustainability

Sustainability Office, University of Salford

Current role

Working with the Director of Sustainability in developing and driving our Sustainability Strategy and overseeing our strategic projects and operational activities. Leading on our Net Zero Carbon Strategic Project and our Responsible Procurement and Sustainable Construction Policies.

Green career journey

BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences (focusing on chemistry and pharmacology) and MSc in Integrated Environmental Studies. Over 20 years in sustainability initially as a business advisor and then as an in-house sustainability professional in higher education. Professional training in health and safety, management, coaching and mentoring and SKA Rating Assessment.

Key skills

  • Communication – both listening and speaking, being able to understand, empathise and then influence is critical. Use storytelling to make the case and channel enthusiasm – we remember feelings way more than percentages!
  • Grit – passion and perseverance! Being consistent and able to sustain interest and motivation towards your goals.
  • Growth mindset – reframe set-backs as learning and overcome that fear of failure. We might not always get it right but we can always learn and grow.

Green career tips

  • All jobs are green jobs – all roles will need the knowledge, capabilities and skills to tackle the environmental and social challenges we face and contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Stay curious – knowledge is not static, keep learning within and outside of your industry/role.
  • Value being a disrupter – question, challenge the status quo, channel emotions into action and be a productive disrupter to advance an organisation not just make noise.

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