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Why students should start reading the Financial Times

The Library is devoted to bringing you new, high-quality, digital resources. This week, Salford academic, Charles Knight, Associate Dean – Student Experience, explains why students should be checking out the Financial Times (and the Library’s other digital resources).

Do you know what the fuss is about crypto-currency (Dogecoin to the moon!) or why people suddenly became worried about where Boohoo’s clothes were coming from?

If not, then may I suggest starting to read a quality newspaper – did you know that the University has a subscription to the Financial Times, long regarded as the quality newspaper when it comes to Business. The paper has great mobile apps (ipad as well) so you can check out stories while on the train or enjoying the sun in Peel Park.

Here are some of the different ways I suggest you might want to use the FT for both your studies and to help get a job.

It is a quality source for your assessments

Sometimes when writing an assessment, you might be looking for an up to date fact or a quote from a key figure. The Financial Times is the paper that business leaders decide to talk to. So, you can be sure if they said it in the FT, then they said it.

Developing an argument

Another good thing about the FT is that if you are trying to make sense of a complex topic, you will find that the FT often runs explainers that break down the key facts and people to do with an issue. If you are trying to develop an assessment and wondering where you stand this can help you work out your position.

The FT has a range of columnists who take strong positions on all sorts of things so remember to bear in mind they represent a viewpoint not a statement of fact!

Understanding career options for graduates

The FT has an excellent section on “Work & Careers” which often have articles by people starting out on their careers and providing lots of great advice about how they got started and got on. It has lots of great tips.

Job applications and interviews

So, if you are applying for a job there are two hard bits – getting the application right and then doing well in the interview. The FT can help with both!

First, employers want to know why you want to work for them and the more you know about them and the sector they work in the more comprehensive you can make your answer in writing. This will help demonstrate to the reader that you are the sort of insightful figure they should invite to an interview.

Know what a KPI is? Your ROI from your Cap-Ex or Op-Ex? If not, start reading the FT and it will all start making sense to you. This can help you be more impressive in an interview situation by having a good understanding of the language used in your chosen industry and more generally in businesses. This will also make you feel more relaxed in the interview because you will feel part of a conversation between people in the know and it will also make interviewers feel comfortable (believe it or not they get nervous as well!).

The most comprehensive source of the Library’s digital resources is Library Search. The Latest Resources web page lists our most recent digital acquisitions. More newspaper sources, which the Library subscribes to, are highlighted on the Newspapers web page.

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