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Part-time jobs at University

Have you moved away from home and need money to help finance your stay? Part-time jobs are popular with students during their time in education. Many different jobs are available, including work in sales, service industries and working for your university.

Why get a part-time job?

With costs rising and student loans not changing much, it’s hard to keep up. A part-time job will help support your finances, while keeping time for your studies. It will also give you the chance to meet new people, new friends and connections, especially if you’re new to the area. If your part-time job is in a field that interests you, it also gives you contacts for networking. There is also lots of advice available that can help you decide what job and how much you should work while studying.

What are the go-to jobs for students?

A good place to look for a job is with your Students’ Union or university itself. This is because they understand that you’re not always available due to your course commitments. They realise that your assessments, lectures and workshops are what matters the most. Lots of different types of jobs are often available, for example, working in the library or the student bar.

Another good area to work in as a student is retail and hospitality. These types of jobs are always available, especially in cities, due to the number of businesses there are. Working for a large business chain may allow you to transfer to other sites within that company: helpful if you have to stay somewhere else during non-term time.

Tutoring for school children and even other people on your course or university is another option. It also allows you to choose your hours around your schedule.


Unitemps is a recruitment agency that is partnered with the University. They host many jobs available for students in the University and with local employers.

Unitemps jobs are aimed to work around your course, meaning you will have plenty of time for your studies. There is an on-campus office in the Students’ Union which is open for advice and support.

You can also get support via their website, or you can call them on 0161 295 0407.

Other places to look for jobs?

For jobs outside of the University or Students’ Union, you can try sites such as Indeed, Glassdoors, LinkedIn and the local companies page on the Careers website. You can filter the page to find the type of job that is best for you, and look for jobs from companies not listed through Unitemps.

Preparing for a part-time job?

Interviews for part-time jobs can be quite competitive. The Careers and Enterprise Hub offer mock interviews to help get your practice in and build your confidence. As well as the mock interviews, they offer CV support to help make it the best it can be. Having a strong CV will impress employers at jobs you apply for.

If you have a quick question, you can always pop into one of their drop-in sessions, hosted in a different venue on campus everyday between 1pm-3pm.

Email careers& to book your mock interview.

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