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Pay for Netflix? Nah – get free films from Kanopy

Do you only want to watch the films that the big distributors want you to see? Or do you want to choose – for free – more eclectic films that have made cinematic history, or find videos and films that will help with your learning? If yes, then Kanopy is your thing. It’s free as part of your University of Salford course.

There are stacks of categories to browse, including ‘Oscar winners and nominees’; ‘Award winners’; or maybe ‘Latin American Studies’ or ‘German Cinema’ appeals to you – great for language learners as well as anyone curious about or studying global cinema. There’s a great horror film section too. Film buffs and film society members will love it, but Kanopy will give everyone something to learn from or just enjoy.

Lots of categories in Kanopy are set up for your educational interests and wider learning needs. Academics often recommend Kanopy resources to their students via their reading lists. Kanopy also helps with self-directed learning. With just a little bit of searching, it will provide masses of resources to make your learning a more satisfying and wide-ranging experience, taking you in directions you had not expected. This will feed your wider curiosity about your subject and help you acclimatise to wider issues in your course. For example, you can find videos and films recommended by the American Psychological Association, instructional films on Italian verbs, documentaries on the history of law and order, and films on healthcare and nursing.

Just use the simple search box in Kanopy to find what you need – and what you want to enjoy. So get the snacks in, link your tablet or laptop to your TV, and have yourselves a great film night in.

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