Engineers to Showcase Broadcasting Research

Photograph of TV broadcasting sports

Researchers at Salford University are set to demonstrate new ideas and technology for the future of television at the world’s largest broadcast trade show.

Dr Ben Shirley and Dr Rob Oldfield of the Acoustics Research Group will be exhibiting their work on enhancing sound for live sports and improving services for the hearing impaired.

Ben and Rob will head to Las Vegas and present at the National Association of Broadcasters exhibition (NAB, April 16-21). NAB attracts over 100,000 delegates from every corner of the media and entertainment sectors annually.

Broadcasting Exhibits

They have been working with DTS, a partner in their research, on ‘personalised’ broadcast sound and will demonstrate use of object-based audio (OBA), which allows the user to personalise TV sound, aiding hearing-impaired and visually-impaired users.

They also hope to exhibit SALSA – Spatial Automated Live Sports Audio – which was developed at the University of Salford. Ben explained,

“The new integrated SALSA system being demonstrated by DTS, University of Salford, and Fairlight, aims to help live mix engineers and broadcasters more effectively manage live mixing while helping automate the creation of an object-based / immersive mix and overcome the challenges of moving to object-based broadcast.”

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