Salford 2016

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Based on: TwentySixteen by WordPress

Key Points

Responsive: Yes
Has Analytics? Yes
Has University Logo? Yes
Logo Position: Top Right

Customizer Settings

  • Salford University Options
    • Disable Google Analytics Tracking
  • Colours
    • Base Colour Scheme (Dark isn’t recommended)
    • Background Colour
    • Page Background Colour
    • Link Colour
    • Main Text Colour
    • Secondary Text Colour
  • Header Image
    • Image
  • Background Image
    • Image


Position: To the right of the site title, in between Site Title and UoS Logo
Dropdown Levels: Infinite – Wouldn’t recommend more than 2
Contains Search: No

Menu Locations

  • Primary Menu
    • Main Menu shown Horizontally
  • Social Links Menu
    • Social Menu

Widget Areas

  • Sidebar
    • Widget area to the right of all pages
  • Content Bottom 1
    • Widget area at the bottom of all pages
      • Left Aligned
  • Content Bottom 2
    • Widget area at the bottom of all pages
      • Right Aligned