What is #PUPRU?

By Nov.21, 2015

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#PUPRU // Salford Business School Popup Research Unit


The Pop-up Research Unit (PUPRU) is a bespoke robust mobile display space intended for regular ad-hoc installation. It can pop-up in a range of public spaces including the high street, inside shopping malls, in the foyer of business premises, and at education institutions (primary schools, high schools, universities etc.)

The digital revolution has significantly impacted business. The Unit provides Salford Business School and particularly members of the Centre for Digital Business with a creative platform to support research projects. Some of the research areas could be 4G Retailing, Digital Marketing and Digital High Street, with a focus on business exploitation, implementation and integration of a range of digital technologies, tools and methods.


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My internship at Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

By Nov.09, 2015

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Anthea Thurston

Anthea Thurston, MSc Social Business and Sustainable Marketing

My three month internship at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce has just finished and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! I began at the Chamber fresh from my MSc course at Salford Business School where I studied Social Business and Sustainable Marketing.

Of course I was a bundle of nerves on my first day at the Chamber. This was my first time ‘off-book!’ What if I was quizzed in depth on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy or what I thought about Porter’s 5 Forces Model!? Should I bring my notes? What if I forgot everything I’ve learned? Or my name!?


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How realistic is #TheApprentice boardroom?

By Nov.06, 2015

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Dr Maria Kutar

Dr Maria Kutar

Now in its 11th series, The Apprentice is back with its winning “you’ve been fired” format. This season has seen the notable substitution of the oft-puzzled look of Nick Hewer with the stern face of Claude Littner as Lord Sugar’s male confidant. Karen Brady remains as Sugar’s other sidekick.

But just how realistic is this portrayal of the boardroom? Is it as daunting, fearful and terrifying in real life?

Famous for his excoriating one-liners, Sugar could be described as being a little too direct at times. He has berated contestants for going from “anchor to wanker” and said: “I hear your enthusiasm, you know? Great enthusiasm. A fly’s got enthusiasm but it doesn’t stop headbutting the window.”

Is Lord Sugar right: is it better to be feared than loved as a boss?


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What is a “Technical Innovation Officer”?

By Oct.28, 2015

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Richard Dron

Richard Dron – Technical Innovation Officer

Let me introduce myself! I’m Richard, and I am the University of Salford Business School Technical Innovation Officer. Some of you might have met me last year, because I was a student studying an MSc in Information Systems Management.

Through connections I made on my course I heard about this position, applied, and here I am. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting me yet, I’m sure you will soon. I try to be involved in multiple projects, and there are lots of ways that our paths could cross.

If you are a student, a company or a colleague at the Business School, my role connects to all of you!


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#SalfordBSchool students at North West Finance Awards

By Oct.06, 2015

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Seema Dosanjh

Seema Dosanjh, MSc Marketing student

The sixth annual North West Finance Awards took place on Thursday 1st October at The Premier Suite in Macron Stadium and had approximately 700 guests in attendance, including staff and guests from Salford Business School. The Salford Business School Employability Hub also invited finance and accounting students (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, PhD and graduates) to experience the event.

The North West Finance Awards are known for “recognizing unsung heroes” across all levels in finance and accounting in the North West of England. Entry for nomination is free and can be made by colleagues, business associates, clients, as well as self-nomination. Nominees are reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges, which included Eileen Roddy, Associate Dean at Salford Business School International.

The North West Finance Awards gained some help this year as a few postgraduate students from Salford Business School took on an internship at the organization as a part of their Business Innovation Project.


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Internship: my #SalfordStories

By Sep.27, 2015

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Rebecca Frankland

Rebecca Frankland

It’s no secret that internships open you up to greater job possibilities than if you were relying solely on having a degree, for the majority of sectors anyway. But aside from the obvious, i.e. gaining skills in your chosen area, what are some other benefits of undertaking an internship in a business?

I am Becca Frankland, Clubs & Electronic Music Editor at Skiddle, the event and ticketing agent, and I would like to talk about my experience interning with Skiddle and how I turned it into my full time job.

I know that Salford Business School students are always encouraged to take an industrial placement or internship, but this advice applies to all courses! During my degree, Journalism BA Hons (Multimedia), at the University of Salford, I was told by my tutors how important it was to gain work experience. That’s why, in June 2014, I started my three month internship with Skiddle as an editorial assistant.


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The impact of social media in higher education

By Sep.23, 2015

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You may well be wondering why a nurse has been invited to blog for Salford Business School, I asked the same question until I recognised that using social media in nurse education is part of our business. As a lecturer in children’s nursing, I am also part of the fitness for professional practice team and a few years ago I noticed an increase in referrals of student misconduct using social media platforms.

At the same time I was seeing a decrease in student communication via more traditional channels of email, telephone and the virtual learning environment and instead I was being asked by some students to use social media.

In an attempt to try something different, I began in 2012 with a personal twitter account (@wlasinclair) wondering if anyone was even interested in my posts. I had incorrectly presumed that all of our students would use twitter and even more inaccurately believed that they would communicate with me via twitter.


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10 reasons to attend Creative Entrepreneur 2015 #CreativeEnt

By Sep.13, 2015

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Alex Fenton - Creative Entrepreneur

Alex Fenton

Salford Business School is once again opening its doors to our cutting edge campus at MediaCityUK to you, your friends and colleagues! We are bringing together our centres of Digital Business, Sports Business and Social Business to provide inspiration and education for all, thinking about global opportunity in a connected world.

Whether you are a student, young entrepreneur, graduate or a seasoned professional you will find great opportunities to inspire your entrepreneurial business thinking at our Creative Entrepreneur 2015 event.

Meet young entrepreneurs amongst our students, members of staff or many other businesses from near and far. Join us at this open innovation space at MediaCityUK on Wednesday 25 November from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


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What does an #MBA teach you?

By Sep.09, 2015

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What does an MBA teach you? I have not done an MBA personally but I know its something that could have helped me and my business. The route I took was haphazard (although on paper it looks ‘logical’).

So, I did a BSc in Business Information Systems (2000-2003), after that I didn’t get a job mainly because I didn’t look particularly hard for one. I also thought that jobs would come to me because of my shiny new degree. Anyway, after being ‘unsuccessful’ on the career front I decided to come back and do an MSc in Managing Information Technology (2003-2004), once that was completed I still didn’t get a job as I didn’t really look for one (and also thought it would just come to me).

I drifted along, spent a year or so selling stuff on eBay, after which I ended up looking into Subway Franchises. Fast-forward to the end of 2005, I’d opened my first store at the age of 23 (I was the youngest franchisee in the UK at that point)… I had largely no idea of what was going on, but I adopted the attitude of ‘it doesn’t seem to be that difficult, whatever goes on i’ll just sort out’.


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Business will suffer if Schengen agreement is suspended

By Sep.04, 2015

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Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

The Schengen area has never been tested to the same level as it is now. The unprecedented volume of refugees arriving in Europe has left its leaders struggling to cope. Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, issued a sober warning that the crisis puts Schengen into question, while Italy says it is ready to impose border controls and Hungary has sealed off its main train station.

The Schengen Agreement is one of Europe’s most remarkable achievements. Implemented in 1995, it allows free movement of people between member countries – effectively removing border controls. It means that visas, rights of asylum and checks at borders outside the Schengen area apply across member states. Now, some are keen to argue, it is under threat.


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