Kill the Bill: the outlook for UK Employment Relations in 2016 #heartunions

By Feb.02, 2016

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Prof Ralph Darlington

Prof Ralph Darlington

Should you be joining the Kill the Bill #heartunions campaign? What is the outlook for The Conservative Government’s Trade Union Legislation and its implications?

Even though strike levels in the UK have fallen to their lowest ever historical levels, the far reaching effects of recent strike action (notably within the public sector) has provided the backcloth to the introduction of a Trade Union Bill by the majority Conservative government elected into office last year.

National strikes by teachers, civil servants, fire fighters, and junior doctors, a threatened national strike on Network Rail, and the complete shutdown of the London Underground network by four unions engaging in strike action, have all served to illustrate the potential disruptive impact of strike action on the wider public.

Hence the government’s attempt to rush into law the most sweeping and radical tightening of the rules on industrial action and trade union organization since the Margaret Thatcher era of the 1980s.


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Camp Digital 2016: University of Salford student photo competition to win tickets

By Jan.28, 2016

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Marie Griffiths

Dr Marie Griffiths

Camp Digital 2016, run by digital UX specialists Sigma, is back for its 5th year. And this time it has launched its very own Rising Stars Fund to give students from universities in the North West the chance to attend for free.

Camp Digital will gather together 500 people from the digital, design, and user experience (UX) community next month for two full days of workshops, seminars, and discussions. So if you’re keen to get into a career in digital, it’s the place to be. And this year the Co-Op Digital team are kindly sponsoring tickets for students at universities in the North West to attend, with 20 places reserved for University of Salford.


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Creative Entrepreneur – Next Generation business event

By Jan.22, 2016

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Alex Fenton, Salford Business School

Alex Fenton, Producer of the Creative Entrepreneur event

How can a business school teach entrepreneurship? Can you learn how to develop a business model or a marketing plan from a book? Meeting and hearing from successful international entrepreneurs sharing their real life stories, gaining feedback on ideas and establishing new links are all great ways to learn about entrepreneurship and grow your network.

At Salford we recognise the importance of strong links with industry. They help us keep our teaching relevant to the real world and mean we can offer great opportunities to help our students to get employment-ready.

Our Creative Entrepreneur event is a key example of this in practice. At the event, held annually at our state of the art campus at MediaCityUK, individuals from partner organisations volunteer their time and share their experience with students at the University of Salford.

At the latest event, on 25th of November 2015, we welcomed over 40 guest speakers who delivered an exciting programme of master-classes, panel sessions and installations to inspire, inform and entertain over 460 attendees. These were a combination of local businesses, University staff, students and local colleges. Several of our courses and modules were present, creating great opportunities for our students. Read on to find out more about key points from the event and what happened.



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Blogging for business: #SalfordBSchool at the finals of the #UKBA16

By Jan.06, 2016

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Spiros Kontogiannis

Spiros Kontogiannis – MSc Marketing Alumnus

What did an MSc Marketing student do two years ago? The first blog post went live on this blog and at the time, I was a Marketing student working on my internship at Salford Business School. I was practising my business blogging skills by helping to develop a strategy for the Business School blog.

Now, fast forward two years and the blog has been nominated for the UK Blog Awards 2016 and has over 110 authors, 157 blog posts, resulting in over 100k page-views from global readership of 202 countries. And what about myself? Well, the internship at Salford Business School helped me to get a job in the industry – I now work as a Content Strategist at customedialabs.

So, my internship has made a direct impact on my career choice – and the content shared on the blog has triggered wider social media conversations on multiple social media channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – helping other students, academics and business owners to learn and further refine their understanding of blogging for business purposes.

At the outset an important role for the blog was to allow academics to share research findings, current students to share their views and develop their own business blogging skills as well as alumni – like myself now – to come back to school and share my business experience after graduation and keep in-touch with the #SalfordBSchool community. Has this vision materialised?


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90 Digital: How remote working secured our success

By Dec.28, 2015

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Aferdita Pacrami

Aferdita Pacrami, CEO 90 Digital

Becoming a remote working organisation wasn’t an active decision initially but when we set up the business we worked remotely from time to time. When we realised how this was positively affecting our work we decided it was the best route for us as a business.

At the start, when we were just a team of 3 in a shared office in London, we knew we wanted to work flexibly. That meant that we didn’t have strict hours; we worked when we were most productive, and if on some days we didn’t have time to commute to the office we just worked from home. We found we were just as productive working remotely as we were on office-based days. When we started growing our team we quickly realised that talented people can be put off by the constraints of an office.

Today we’re a business of almost 30 people and only five of us are in the office daily (our accounting and legal department). Everyone else works from their home, various co-work spaces, cafes, libraries – anywhere with a really good WiFi connection. Some of us tend to work from one location while others travel from place to place.

So, what is it like working in a remote working business? Here are my top four reasons why remote working is ideal for 90 Digital:


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Northern Powerhouse: marketing slogan turned reality

By Dec.21, 2015

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Alex Connock, Managing Director of Shine North

Alex Connock, Managing Director of Shine North

The Northern Powerhouse is as much a marketing slogan as a description of a political or economic reality. But as with all marketing, once an idea is established in the public’s consciousness, it may in fact magically become something more concrete.

As Machiavelli said: ‘Tell the people you are the prince – and you are the prince.’

It’s certainly clear that something exciting is happening in Manchester’s digital and creative industries. They were measured at 56,000 employees in the Tech City report of January 2015, making them a pivotal employer for the region.

The BBC’s move to MediaCityUK in Salford had an accelerator effect, creating additional jobs in supplier industries like post production and digital suppliers – whilst encouraging other creative firms, including our own, Shine North, to make the migration too. A digital talent base is making its long term home in Manchester – even if some of the people who make it up originally came to town reluctantly as BBC transplants.


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Digital and Social Media Marketing MOOC: #NorthernDigitalAwards

By Dec.16, 2015

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Northern Digitals Awards 2016

Northern Digital Awards

Salford Business School and The Candidate Ltd have been short-listed by the Northern Digital Awards 2016. This recognition in the category of “Digital Marketing Campaign – Third Sector” is for the success with student recruitment to the free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is part of an international collaboration developing Digital and Social Media Marketing masters course (JEMSS project).

The objective of the hosted course was to create an online campaign to promote a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) in Digital and Social Media Marketing to global digital marketing enthusiasts and attract 3,000 student sign-ups.

As the course development is co-funded with support from the European Commission, MOOC promotion activity must deliver agreed EU objectives. This included the dissemination activity from 4 European partner universities: University of National & World Economy (Bulgaria), City College (Greece), Kaunas Technical University (Lithuania) and University of Lodz (Poland). All digital marketing communications were managed by England’s Salford Business School (lead partner) and The Candidate Ltd – both part of the Northern Powerhouse.

Why was this digital marketing campaign short-listed by the Northern Digitals Awards?


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How to implement your digital marketing strategy

By Dec.12, 2015

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Aleksej Heinze providing his view on how to get a work placement

Dr Aleksej Heinze

A Digital marketing strategy is critical for organisations operating in markets with high Internet penetration.

However, one of the challenges in digital marketing is that it is based on communications using technologies where hardly a week goes by without a search engine ranking algorithm update or a social network update. Keeping track of the technical changes alone becomes a major task and then there is the need to work out how these changes affect an individual organisation and ultimately its business model.

No organisation wants to follow in Blockbuster’s footsteps and have to close due to not keeping up with the latest technological offerings and how the changes impact on their customers. Researching and teaching digital marketing over the last 10 years has shown that whilst there is change there are also a number of constants.

As we discuss on our Digital Marketing Strategy course, the success of a digital marketing strategy is always dependent on its implementation. How do organisations go about developing and implementing their long term (from 3 to 5 year) plans in such a fast paced and constantly changing environment?


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Why #BlackFriday is the cause of so much consumer chaos

By Nov.27, 2015

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Dr Tahir Rashid

Dr Tahir Rashid

Black Friday strikes again. The post-Thanksgiving day of shopping discounts is a recent US export and retailers are rolling them out once more. Last year saw crowds of shoppers quite literally battling for the bargains to be had.

Retailers will be hoping that the upward trend in Black Friday sales will continue. The “holiday” made a first tentative appearance in the UK in 2010 when Amazon experimented with offering discounts and last year sales took off. In 2014, UK consumers spent £810m on online purchases alone and a further £720m three days later on Cyber Monday.


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What is #PUPRU?

By Nov.21, 2015

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#PUPRU // Salford Business School Popup Research Unit


The Pop-up Research Unit (PUPRU) is a bespoke robust mobile display space intended for regular ad-hoc installation. It can pop-up in a range of public spaces including the high street, inside shopping malls, in the foyer of business premises, and at education institutions (primary schools, high schools, universities etc.)

The digital revolution has significantly impacted business. The Unit provides Salford Business School and particularly members of the Centre for Digital Business with a creative platform to support research projects. Some of the research areas could be 4G Retailing, Digital Marketing and Digital High Street, with a focus on business exploitation, implementation and integration of a range of digital technologies, tools and methods.


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