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Dr Mohammed Albakri receives best paper award

Dual Award Winner Dr Mohammed Albakri: Empowering Oman to Become a Competitive Digital Economy

Dr. Mohammed Ali Albakri was recently invited to contribute at a prestigious conference in Oman on Empowering Oman to Become a Competitive Digital Economy. The conference provided a forum for thought leaders and innovators to discuss strategies for driving digital transformation across the country. The “2nd International Conference on Strategies for Empowering Oman as a Competitive Economy”, […]

Our Latest Teaching and Learning Informed Research Publication by Dr. Mohammed Albakri, Prof. Trevor Wood-Harper and Prof. Robert Wood in Collaboration with SBS Cluster

I am delighted to share my latest teaching and learning-informed research publication submitted to the Systems Research & Behavioural Science journal in collaboration with Professor Trevor Wood-Harper, Professor Robert Wood, and the SBS cluster. If you are interested in information systems, digital transformation, sociotechnical systems, learning management systems, or higher education literature, this is the […]

Salford Business School and the Experience Economy

By Nicola McCullough, Alex Culvin, Gordon Fletcher & Alex Fenton As we consume less things, we seek out more experiences. There is a growing trend for people to spend money on experiences not things. This movement away from the pivotal importance of purchasing and owning things can be described as the rise of the Experience […]

Supply chain resilience: predictive analytics within retail supply chains

Today, firms within supply chains operate in a turbulent and uncertain environment susceptible to disruption. The intention to understand how firms could manage disruptions and build supply chain resilience in order to mitigate the impact of disruptions has been at the forefront of research. Emergency situations and how supply chains are challenged Within retail supply […]

European Super League and social media – they think it’s all over

Thanks go to Wasim Ahmed and Guilherme Guimarães for their contributions to this article. At Salford Business School we have a strong research network and teaching interests and expertise in social media, the experience economy and sport. When the ‘European Super League’ concept reared its head again on 18th April 2021, it created an amazing wave of […]

Salford Business School Research Clusters

Salford Business School’s research is setting a path to shape thinking and the application of technology in a post-pandemic and post-Brexit world. Our aim is to create business school research and solutions for the myriad challenges of Industry 4.0 and the ethical and legal issues facing society. Our research acts as the integrator for a […]

Post-covid supply chain trends

What are the post-covid supply chain trends that will remain after we finally unlock? This is a question of great interest to me as we reach the 23rd of March 2021, the anniversary of the UK’s first lockdown.  You might remember, like me, how the Supply Chain was one of the first things to be […]

The Rise of Fractal Politics

“The rise of fractal politics” was first submitted to the Nine Dots Prize in response to the question, “Are digital technologies making politics impossible?” The essay was written as a thought piece prior to the announcement of the 2017 UK General Election. Fractal Politics In this essay “the rise of fractal politics” describes the current state […]