New Podcast From Salford Business School Explores Innovative Research Topics

Listen to the new podcast from Salford Business School, ‘Deep Dive: The Knowledge Exchange on Spotify’ today!

Ever wondered what research is taking place, but not got time to read the academic papers? That’s the focus of the new podcast series , Deep Dive, hosted by Knowledge Exchange Fellow Dr Adnan Bayyat. Featuring academics, industry partners and individuals with rich life experiences all chatting about knowledge and research and how it can impact our everyday lives.

Research topics like ethics, artificial intelligence and its relationship with human resources, sustainable accounting in fast fashion and much more. This podcast looks to unify students, potential students, academics and members of the public in a love of knowledge and providing them insight into the work we do at Salford Business School.

Podcast host Dr Adnan Bayyat

New episodes are released every fortnight, so make sure you check the Spotify channel for updates.

  • Episode one is a deep dive into the world of sustainable accounting within the fast fashion industry, promoted by a screening of the film ‘The True Cost’. Who is accountable for consumer behaviour, and can innovative business models and technology be a part of the solution? 
    Adnan welcomes Solmaz Rohani (Lecturer in Accounting, University of Salford), Ann-Christine Frandsen (Reader in Accounting, University of Birmingham), Keith Hoskin (Professor of Accounting, University of Birmingham) and Deborah Smailes (Programme Lead, MA Fashion Business and Marketing, University of Salford) to find out.  
  • Episode two (coming soon) looks at the distinct roles of professional services and academics within the Higher Education space. Analysis focuses on the implications of labelling staff as ‘non-academic’ and how this influences hierarchies and identity. Perfect for anyone working in Higher Education, at whatever level.  
    Adnan is joined by Salford Business School colleagues Jonathan Lord (Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management) and Joanne Caldwell (School Business Manager) for the discussion.  
  • Episode three (coming soon) sees a panel of experts discuss artificial intelligence and its relationship with human resources. We delve into the intersection of technology and HR, and the benefits and risks of using AI technology in a workplace environment. A must-listen for HR professionals.  
    Salford Business School’s Rashed Khan (Lecturer in International Business and Marketing), Vicki Harvey (Senior Lecturer in People Management) and Head of People and Culture at Leep Utilities, Julie Spicher, join Adnan on the panel.  
  • Episode four (coming soon) stays with the theme of artificial intelligence, looking more broadly at what the technology can do for society. With esteemed guests from Salford Business School Gordon Fletcher (Associate Dean, Research and Innovation), Craig Smith (Lecturer in Law) and Marie Griffiths (Reader in Business Media Technologies). Craig has recently had a piece on the impact of AI on legal education published for The Conversation.  
  • Episode five (coming soon) concludes the discussion on AI, looking at where the lines between technology, ethics and human impact are becoming increasingly blurred, and what can happen when AI is used in the wrong hands. Adnan is joined by Maria Kutar (Director of Undergraduate Business), Yun Chen (Senior Lecturer in Business IT) and Muktar Bello (Lecturer in Digital Business and Cybersecurity), all from Salford Business School.  
  • Episode six (coming soon) focuses on another of the School’s projects to engage new audiences with academia. Adnan is joined by artist and Salford alumni Andrea Motta, as well as Kitty Rostron (Lecturer in People and Organisations) and Angela Byrne (Lecturer in Marketing), who have all been involved in a project to turn their papers into graphic-novel style artwork.  

Whether you’re a student, academic or just lover of expanding your horizons and knowledge: Deep Dive podcast is for you.