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Block teaching is my greatest experience at Salford Business School

28 July 2014

For me, a university experience should be: rewarding, memorable and life changing. On my arrival to the UK to study for a Masters Degree in Marketing at the University of Salford, I was always thinking if I will be able to adjust and fit in to the new educational system.

I recall my experience that I had during my first MSc program that I studied at Heriot Watt University in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Although Heriot Watt is a British university, the mode of study was adopted to the UAE model of teaching and learning. I realised that the educational system in the UAE and here in the UK will be entirely different.

During my first days here in Manchester, I met with other students at Salford Business School, asking them questions and making enquires about the way things are done over here. I was given different responses from people and I was never satisfied with their replies. There were a number of fellow international students all of whom have different expectations of what study life is like in the UK and at Salford Business School in particular.

Well, I am now in my second module and I can tell you what it is like…