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Biodiversity, or biological diversity, is the variety of life! This includes variety in habitats (e.g. grassland and woodland) as well as diversity in species and the ecosystems in which they occur. Biodiversity is important because of the essential contribution that it makes to the functioning of our planet and because of all the benefits that it provides, from foods and medicine to climate regulation. Contact with biodiversity and the natural world has also been linked to improvements in health and emotional well-being.

Despite being just a mile and a half from the City of Manchester, the main site of the University of Salford is a leafy, riverside campus adjacent to Peel Park and the River Irwell. The habitats on the University campuses include lawned areas, memorial gardens, wildflower areas and woodlands.

Many common British wildlife can be found on the campus and surrounding areas such as Peel Park and the River Irwell, as well as some not so common!