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We can be failures – just for one day

Failure Friday! What if failure didn’t have to be defined as a negative? What if we started to see it as a facet of longer-term success?

We think of failure as a bad outcome, something to be ashamed of and a barrier to achieving success. This shouldn’t be the case! Festival of Failure – Failure Friday – Friday 2nd June, 10am, is here to show you that failure isn’t a bad thing. That in fact it can actually help you to have better and more wonderful outcomes!

As part of this year’s Festival of Research we’ve put together a Festival of Failure that seeks to challenge our ingrained assumptions and help to become more resilient.

What does Failure Friday involve exactly?

Failure Friday challenges the misconception and explores the positives and necessities of failure that help us to build resilience, insight and inspire action. After a year of pandemic challenges, we’ve learnt that failure isn’t a barrier. It’s a key milestone to success and during this session we explore approaches to embrace failure, feel more confident and resilient in these times of uncertainty. We openly invite you to join us for Failure Friday as we examine failure in a range of environments with captivating stories of failure to help navigate everyday life.

What else is on offer to you?

To support you in embracing failure, learning from it, and moving on, we have some resources that can help you to combat failure. One is a bookable webinar called How to Bounce Back From Failure. Another is eLearning about living and studying well – if you can’t finish it in one sitting, you can always come back to it later!

It’s ok to fail. Failing is part of life and most people will fail at something in their lives. The good news is that we can learn and grow from failure. There is a webinar that can help you to work through what happened, reframe failure constructively and stay motivated. You can find it on the link above!

The Festival brings together academics, students, industry and the public to discuss and develop the future research strategy. At the heart of the Festival is the Postgraduate Research flagship conference SPARC. This is where festival goers can enjoy performances, music, family friendly fun and opportunities to meet with students and staff, share research interests and experiences.

Interested? Want to know more?

Book a place via Advantage on Friday’s webinar

Check out the Box of Broadcasts playlist of films with a theme of resilience

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