A group of MSc Human Resource Management students recently visited London for a visit to The Supreme Court.  The trip coincided with the group’s studies and included a tour of the court, a city tour and the opportunity to sit in on a live court case. 

Five students who went on the trip shared their experiences and expressed what they found most useful…

Chloe Green

During the city tour, we were taken to Temple Street, which is home to London’s top barristers and judges.

The Supreme Court demonstrates the epitome of Legality within the UK and I even managed to sit in one of the Lord’s chairs!

I had a fantastic trip. It was really educational and I would like to thank Peninsula and the University of Salford for allowing me to attend.

Sarah McCormick

Sarah McCormick

A visit to an Employment Tribunal as part of my course really sparked my interest in the practical way that legislation is honed and shaped by case law so a trip to visit the highest court of appeal in England seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I was surprised to discover that almost all of cases heard by The Supreme Court are streamed live on to their website with around 20,000 views each month.

By the end of the two days I feel that I had a better understanding of how the legal system works in the UK and as I embark on my HR career, I am now even more aware of the significant role that The Supreme Court will have in the coming years in shaping Employment Law.

Martin Bate

Martin Bate

The city tour covered all of Westminster, Chelsea, London Bridge and the finance district. Having visited London a few times over the years, I have never really looked much past Wembley, so to see as many sights in a short space of time was a great experience.

I was surprised that none of the lords wore wigs or gowns in the court room and just looked like normal older gentlemen. Lord Sumption was in attendance and I instantly recognised him from the television.

The trip to London, not only enhanced my understanding of the judicial system in the UK, but also gave me the opportunity to mix with fellow law students both at degree and masters level.

Kimberley Jones

Kimberley Jones

I enjoyed learning how the legal system works as well as the processes that employers will be expected to go through if they were taken to court. As a student studying HR and interested in working in Employee Relations, it was very educational to see the proceedings and what was expected of those attending.

I found this trip enjoyable and informative, I very much appreciate the opportunity to attend and would love to be a part of similar opportunities in the future.

I would recommend this trip to anyone considering Law in their profession, both Employment Law or otherwise. This trip has helped me to better understand the possibilities of working in Employment Law, as well as giving me an advantage in the working world having this experience.

Rachael Stanner

Rachael Stanner

It was an amazing opportunity to see The Supreme Court. I learnt how informal the court room is and it was nice to see the relaxed feel.

It was great to learn the selection process for the judges and also how many judges sit on each case.

It has given me a greater understanding of the legal system and made this less daunting for me.

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