I think we can all say we’ve had those New Year resolutions where we are determined to be more active – you know, signing up for a gym, investing in a juicer. A survey on YouGov last year showed us the second most popular resolution is to “exercise more”, but in a separate survey from Bupa that asked 2,000 people if they felt confident they could stick to their resolution only half said yes! 😱

This photo shows me holding a bottle that contains a bright purple smoothie.
We’ve all been there…
(Photo: Helena Wright)

Personally, whenever I’ve tried to take on that new year resolution or even just keep more fit I’ve felt that I can just never find motivation to go to a gym and even when I drag myself there I end up being that person who just dawdles aimlessly on the treadmills (gym junkies probably hate me). There’s nothing wrong with feeling like this because the gym is not always for everyone! So if you’re coming to Salford and want to know where you can start your fitness journey, I have put together a list of 10 classes and places in the Manchester and Salford area to help you discover your next fitness routine that you can actually look forward to! 💪

KNT Danceworks, M1 5QA – Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary Dance

KNT Danceworks is based in the Dancehouse Theatre on Oxford Road, only a five minute walk from Manchester Oxford Road train station. Each week they hold numerous adult classes in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary dance. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t done a particular form of dance since you were a kid or indeed ever, because they have complete beginners classes in Ballet, Jazz and Tap on Mondays and beginners Contemporary on Thursdays. 🕺


Check out their timetable here: manchesterdanceclasses.co.uk

Manchester Aquatics Centre, M13 9SS – Swimming and Aquatics Classes

The Manchester Aquatics Centre is a 10 minute walk from Manchester Oxford Road station and is known for its large 50m swimming pool as well as its health suite facilities, including a sauna. For under £5 you can pop in and have a free swim and go at your own pace or you can even try out one of their “Water Workout” classes if you’re wanting to step it up a bit.

This shows a wide shot of the swimming pools located in the Manchester Aquatics Centre. There are plenty of people swimming and you can see that it has plenty of different lanes, fake palm trees and equipment.
Manchester Aquatic Centre’s Pool
(Photo: VisitManchester)

Check out the pool timetable here: better.org.uk/leisure-centre/manchester/manchester-aquatics-centre/

University of Salford Sports Centre, M5 4WT – Spin, Yoga, Zumba, Boxercise

The University of Salford’s sports centre is home to some amazing fitness classes that run weekly. Whether you’d like to do something low-intensity like Yoga or Pilates or you want to sweat like crazy in a Spin class, there’s a lot to choose from! 🥊


Check out the timetable and membership options here: sport.salford.ac.uk

University of Salford Sports Centre, M5 4WT – Swimming Pool

As well as our incredible fitness classes at the University of Salford, our Sports Centre also has a recently refurbished swimming pool with a sauna and spa. The University of Salford Students’ Union does book the pool out for the swimming, canoeing and diving sports clubs but otherwise there’s plenty of time for open swimming both in the mornings and evenings! 🏊‍♀️

This shows the swimming pool located inside the University of Salford's sports centre. You can see the pool ladders and equipment surrounding it.
University of Salford Sport Centre’s Swimming Pool.
(Photo: University of Salford Website)

Check out the timetable here: sport.salford.ac.uk/swimming_pool_timetable

The Angel Centre, M3 6FA – Yoga, Boxfit, Pilates, Step and Tone

The Angel Centre is a community centre just down the road from our main university campus, located around the corner from the Salford Cathedral. At the Centre you can access all kinds of activities, from the yoga and pilates classes held on Wednesdays, to the “Step and Tone” class on throughout the week.


Check out their timetable here: theangelcentre.org.uk/timetable-draft/

Jump Ninja Trampoline Park, M5 3GR – Trampolining

Who said trampolining was for kids? Jump Ninja trampoline park is a Salford wonderland for people who love having a bounce. According to Jump Ninja themselves, trampolining increases your muscle strength and fitness. So why not swap the gym for a trampoline park? As well as their “free jump” times, they hold “Fitness Ninja” fitness classes 7-8pm Monday to Thursday.


Website: jumpninja.co.uk

Bodybarre, M4 1NA – Contemporary Dance, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Hoop and Pole Fitness

When I first watched The Greatest Showman last year, I felt myself genuinely jealous of Zendaya’s character getting to fly about on hoops and trapezes. Madly enough, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get to try that because you can have a go right here in Manchester! Bodybarre is located in Northern Quarter and holds a selection of interesting and fun activities you wouldn’t have even considered trying before, such as aerial yoga, aerial hoop, bungee workouts. There’s also dance classes if you’d prefer to stay on the ground. 😉🎪


Check out their timetable here: bodybarre.co.uk/timetable/

Simple Netball, M50 3UQ – Netball

Some of us haven’t picked up a netball or worn a netball position vest since high school. It can be frustrating wanting to start again but being unsure of the rules or what position you feel most comfortable playing in. Simple Netball, however, hosts drop in sessions in Oasis Academy in MediaCityUK. Only £4 a session and you can come alone or with friends!


More information found here: simplenetball.co.uk/coaching/

Bodywise, M4 1DZ – Yoga

If you’re finding your university schedule a bit hectic and need something to help you unwind, but build up your physical strength at the same time, The Manchester Buddhist Centre could be for you. Located a short walk from Manchester Arndale, the Centre has plenty of yoga classes and therapies on their second floor under the practitioners ‘Bodywise’. They do extended courses but also drop in sessions throughout the week where you just turn up and pay as you go. All of their teachers are experienced practitioners and you are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

This photo shows the side of the Manchester Buddhist Centre's exterior, which has a white square sign coming off the wall that says 'Manchester Buddhist Centre. Bodywise, Earth Cafe, Breathworks'.
Sign outside Manchester Buddhist Centre where Bodywise is located
(Photo: Manchester Buddhist Centre)

Check out their timetable here: bodywisenaturalhealth.co.uk/yoga/

The Salford Trail – Walking and Running

Manchester isn’t exactly the sunniest place in the world but if you’re a big fan of taking long walks come rain or shine (or snow, hail – whatever Manchester throws at you!) then I recommend looking into the Salford Trail. Perfect for ramblers, runners, cyclists or someone who just feels like stretching their legs a bit more than usual. The complete distance route is 60 miles along and will take you through the cityscapes of the Quays but also the rural and green areas of Salford. You can attempt the complete trail all at once or do sections at a time. Perfect for keeping your stamina up and maybe even getting that beautiful Instagram shot of the Bridgewater Canal. 🌱


Find out more information here: thesalfordtrail.btck.co.uk

Do you feel ready to go out and conquer a new fitness routine in Manchester and Salford now? The best way to keep fit is to make sure you enjoy it at the same time and hopefully some of these recommendations can help you find a fun routine. Feel free to comment with any more suggestions of fitness-related opportunities in the area.