As a cross-disciplinary degree, LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology gives you the chance to explore some of the most important and contentious issues in society. We spoke with soon-to-be-graduate Olivia about her experience on the course.   

Hi Olivia, can you start by telling us why you chose Law with Criminology?

Firstly, I didn’t study law or criminology at A-levels, but rather Politics, English Literature and History. I enjoyed all three subjects but wanted to study a degree which opened lots of doors for me. A law degree is ideal for giving you lots of career choices and can be used for many other professions as well as becoming a solicitor or barrister. I decided to do Law with Criminology as not only would I still be qualifying with a law degree, but over my three years at Salford criminology would allow me to develop a different skill set and help me stand out compared to straight law students. Not to mention that criminology is very interesting and whilst criminology complimented the law side of my degree, it was taught and assessed in different ways which always kept the learning process varied.

What’s been your favourite part of the course?

This is a really difficult question to answer as I have enjoyed so many different aspects of the course!

As part of criminology within the Prisons and Punishment module we had the opportunity to visit Forest Bank Prison which was fascinating, informative and an opportunity which would not be possible outside of university.

Within the Law department a few of us took a trip down to Middle Temple for a private tour and lunch which was exciting and has encouraged me to want to pursue a career at the bar. We also looked around the Royal Courts of Justice whilst we were in the city.

Did you get involved with any extracurricular activities in your spare time?

Extra-curricular activities are a fantastic way to learn new skills, gain confidence, meet new friends and can be used to strengthen your CV.

During my third year I participated in the CLOCK scheme which is a great way to get into court and see cases in practice whilst giving back to the community and supporting individuals in society who are most vulnerable. The University of Salford provides full training and when I took a case where the client won their appeal, it was a good feeling knowing that I had supported them through the hearing which can be a daunting experience for those who are not familiar with a court setting.

I also took part in an internal debating competition at the end of my third year and surprised myself as my partner and I won. It was a fun day and I learnt lots about debating and about the topics which were being debated. I spent some time as student representative which I felt was an important role to give some positive feedback to the lecturers.

Now that you’re graduating, what are your next steps?

I plan to work as a paralegal for a year and I have started searching for jobs. The year out is so that I can get more practical experience and save some money for the fees required to complete the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course). I intend on applying to complete the BPTC with a master’s from next September, hopefully with a sponsorship. After this I would like to secure pupillage and practice for a few years. I intend on lecturing in law at some point in my career, as the lecturers at the University of Salford have inspired me to explore this as a career path.

What would you say to someone that’s considering studying the same course as you here at Salford?

I would say that choosing the University of Salford to study Law with Criminology is a good decision. Firstly, because the staff at Salford are dedicated to students, approachable, helpful and passionate about the areas which they lecture in. Secondly, there are a great amount of module options to choose from meaning you can learn about topics that interest you. The University of Salford is a campus university so it is easy to make friends and there is a recently renovated library which is great to study in. There are many other exciting opportunities that the University of Salford provides to strengthen the employability of students and inform students of their options, including Wordscope, CV Workshops, guest lecturers, trips, extra-curricular activities and societies. The University of Salford also has great connections with Manchester where there are many experiences and job opportunities available whether it be in law or criminology.

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