What’s the craic? I’m Megan! As you’ve probably already picked up I’m an Irish girl studying at Salford!

You can find me speaking to people, speaking to microphones and speaking anywhere I can get my foot in really!

As part of the Student Social Media Team I’m going to speak to you guys about life at Salford and all of the great craic that comes with it.


I’m in my third year of Broadcast Journalism and I study at our MediaCityUK campus. When people ask me why I chose Salford my answer is always: MediaCity. As a person who loves creating content for TV and radio, interviewing interesting people, presenting shows, producing programmes and all the rest, going to uni each day is so much fun.

As much as I love it here, I did take a hiatus from Salford in second year to spend a semester studying abroad in the Netherlands. If studying abroad is something you’d like to do during your time at Salford, I’m here to answer any questions you might have about making that happen, and trust me, you should make that happen! Seeing the world and meeting all sorts of characters along the way, while still securing that degree…so worth it!


This is the part where I say ‘enough of that boring stuff, now onto the fun stuff’ but the reality of it is my studies here at Salford are a major part of the fun stuff!

As I said earlier, when people ask why I chose Salford my answer is always MediaCity but there’s so much more to it. When I first moved over to Salford, I joined Shock Radio (Manchester’s biggest student radio station for any radio heads reading). I met some of my best friends through Shock Radio – all I had to do was show up at the studio, play my favourite tunes and chat all sorts of nonsense on air with the girls!

If I could give any words of wisdom to Salford newbies it would be to join societies. The nights out will make it worth it! Speaking of nights out: if you’re one for the party, as I know I am, the night life in Manchester is second to none! You can always count on your favourite DJ’s or bands to be playing somewhere in town.


For the days i’m not really feeling city life, Peel Park was so homely for me in first year. Me and my friends never tire of laughing about the memories we made whilst living in Peel Park. The gym was always there to de-stress after a long day… or the student bar for that matter! But on a serious note: our apartment was spacious yet cosy, the park beside our flat was perfect for picnics and morning strolls and the library was right on our door step for those essays that we always left to the last minute (wouldn’t recommend to a friend). Oh and one more thing, for when you get peckish in those late night library sessions, Maccies is just across the road!


  • Don’t spend all of your weekly budget on a wild night out, always do a shop in ALDI first (you’ll thank yourself the next morning).
  • You’ve got deadlines coming up but you’ve got dance practice or basketball…go to practice – the social break will do you the world of good when you get back to hit the books.
  • Always eat your veggies.

Most importantly have the time of your life because before you know it you’ll be a final year like me, wishing you had more time at Salford.