Rahmot Ali from Bolton currently studies a BSc Real Estate Development and Management course.

Image of Rahmot Ali

Why did you choose to study this course?

In 2016, I started my Estate Agency Business operating in London. Over the period of seven years, I have gained a wealth of experience in property industry such as sales, letting, management, investment, land and property development. I quickly realised that I needed to acquire the property knowledge and skills to succeed. Even though I had the option to employ property professionals, I chose to gain the experience myself as I was aware of the risk factors involved in property development.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Salford?

I chose to study at Salford because of it’s location, history, and reputation. Even more so, it is close to my home and business which made it easy to commute to/from work.

I also had a burning desire to become a full-time commercial real estate developer, so I decided to study and continue to learn more about property development as a whole. I know now that I made a great choice due to the level of support we receive, the academic curriculum, and the overall learning experience on campus.

Have you been on any site visits?

The university arranged a site visit for students studying Real Estate, Building Surveying, and Quantity Surveying, where we went to a Rochdale home, in Greater Manchester, to undertake surveying practices. This survey experience was super beneficial as it helped us understand the different aspects of home surveys which is beneficial to my day-to-day business and studies.

Salford student inspecting a home on a site visit

What was the task and what were you looking for?

As a part of our coursework for “Building Constructions and Defects”, we went to do a Level 1 conditional home survey where our tasks involved finding defects in that house. We inspected the conditions such as the year it was built, the root causes of the defects, electrical wiring, central heating, drainage condition, and roof conditions to see if it was safe for potential tenants to live in.

What did you learn from your surveying practice?

I now know that real estate is an important field of work for our community which requires the highest standards of surveying practices to protect clients and society at large. Therefore, values and ethics are integral for professionals. From Surveying practice modules, we learn about fair practices such as duty of care, honesty, integrity and ethical approaches in dealings.

What specialist equipment did you and your team use?

We used home surveys kits such as laser distance meter, moisture and damp meter, hydraulic balancing scale, and headband torch etc.

Student using equipment to measure distance of home

What is the favourite thing about the course so far?

I would say learning with tutors who are knowledgeable in their area of expertise, which is very much applicable to the world of real estate for me. As part of the site visit, the group work and tutor’s briefing were the best parts as it was hands-on and practical.

What skills do you think you’ve developed on the site visit and how has it helped in your studies?

From the site visit, I developed effective conditional home surveying skills along with working together in a team. This will help with my coursework and the real world.