Maimuna Amal Gidado recounts her experience studying MSc Managing Innovation and Information Technology at the University of Salford, from delving into cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to placing 1st in the course’s industry simulation experience.

Maimuna Amal Gidado in Maxwell Building
Maimuna Amal Gidado in Maxwell Building

Journey to Salford Business School

Opting for Salford was a natural choice for me. With family members who have graduated from various levels within the institution, their glowing accounts of their experiences resonated deeply. When the opportunity arose to further my studies, I eagerly seized it to explore first-hand what Salford had to offer. Now, six months into my journey, I can confirm their commendations were not overstated.

The Salford Experience

Imagine a dynamic fusion of managerial finesse, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, and innovative problem-solving skills, all underpinned by the magic of IT wizardry. From delving into the intricacies of Gen AI to unraveling the mysteries of big data, it’s akin to a comprehensive roadmap for future-proofing one’s career.

“The practical approach to teaching, coupled with assessments grounded in real-world scenarios, has been instrumental in preparing us for post-study success.”

While it might sound cliché, I am thoroughly engrossed and genuinely relishing every facet of this experience. The sequential delivery of modules has been a game-changer, allowing for a thorough immersion in each subject before progressing to the next challenge. Additionally, the practical approach to teaching, coupled with assessments grounded in real-world scenarios, has been instrumental in preparing us for post-study success.

Being a parent adds another dimension to my responsibilities. Therefore, having a schedule that accommodates my family life is invaluable. I can manage both personal commitments and academic pursuits effectively. This balance is crucial, and I appreciate Salford’s recognition and support in this regard.

The accessibility of support and guidance at Salford has been unparalleled. Whether seeking academic assistance or personal guidance, a wealth of resources is readily available. From one-on-one sessions with staff for academic support to a plethora of resources accessible through the University’s physical and electronic libraries, Salford ensures that students have the necessary tools to thrive. Additionally, comprehensive support extends to various facets, including financial assistance and mental health resources, fostering an environment conducive to holistic development.

Employability at Salford Business School

At the University of Salford, your accomplishments reflect your commitment and determination. Here, a wide range of opportunities is thoughtfully curated to support your journey to success. Academically, I have capitalized on valuable opportunities to refine my skills. For instance, I have earned certification in Digital Marketing Strategy Simulation, refining not only critical thinking but also a diverse range of competencies. Through modules such as Information System and Digital Transformation, I have extensively explored programming languages, authored, and published blogs, and developed substantial expertise in areas such as Big Data and Gen AI.

In addition to academic pursuits, my engagement in extracurricular activities has enriched my experience. Participation in university-organized career fairs has provided access to job prospects, leading to my role as a student ambassador. Furthermore, volunteering as a course representative has enabled me to bridge the gap between students and faculty, amplifying student voices and fostering constructive feedback channels.

A notable highlight of my journey has been representing Salford Business School as one of three student panelists, leveraging my knowledge of Gen AI to contribute to a workshop on Integrating AI in Education. These experiences, culminating in the esteemed Dean’s Employability Award, underscore my active involvement in events aimed at honing skills highly valued by employers. Each of these endeavours not only enhances my resume but also significantly enhances my employability prospects.

The Best Bits

Undoubtedly, the pinnacle moments of my Salford journey have been enormous. It all began with spearheading my team to secure the top spot in a simulation exercise centered around digital marketing strategy, clinching the coveted 1st position. Through strategic leadership and collaborative efforts, we surpassed expectations and emerged as the frontrunners in the competition, showcasing our proficiency and ingenuity in navigating the complexities of digital marketing dynamics.

Additionally, collaborating as a Research Assistant with Dr. Marie Griffiths on a project of significant importance has been profoundly enriching. Furthermore, the opportunity to co-author and present a paper at a conference alongside one of my esteemed lecturers has been both exhilarating and rewarding. These experiences have not only sharpened my skills but have also provided invaluable insights into real-world applications of academic research, marking significant milestones in my academic and professional journey.

Life After Salford

My aspirations extend beyond graduation as I contemplate delving into Postgraduate Research at Salford Business School, anticipating an exciting continuation of my academic journey.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Salford Business School without any hesitation. Salford Business School embodies excellence and offers a wealth of opportunities for those seeking knowledge and success.

A bit of advice for anyone thinking of studying here:

  • Embrace every opportunity with unwavering dedication.
  • Adhere to the principle that excellence is not an act but a habit.
  • Each endeavor, no matter how small, has the potential to yield significant outcomes.
  • Prioritize networking and seizing opportunities.
  • Feel free to inquire whenever needed; theres always someone readily available to help!

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