LLB Law with Criminology student Aamenah Chohan tells us about her experience studying at Salford Business School and her plans after graduation.

All About the Course

My course focuses on core legal concepts and how they are practically applied within different communities. It involves analysing core legal subjects and their effectiveness when applied to real-life situations. The criminology aspect of my course embodies a holistic perspective of the criminal justice system and how it can be disproportionately applied to different groups and the implications of this. This degree illustrates how fundamental legal concepts translate in practice and the moral and ethical considerations of these concepts when they are enforced on individuals.

I enjoy how my course challenges my perspective on different issues and the variety of concepts we can engage with to provide a holistic and in-depth analysis of different facets of the law. This course has encouraged me to find my voice as it explores many topics that inspire discussion and debate. I can see the impact this has had on my essay writing as it has played a massive role in improving the way I articulate an argument through critical discussion of the topics presented to us and more.

Photo of LLB Law with Criminology student Aamenah Chohan
Photo of LLB Law with Criminology student Aamenah Chohan

Employability at Salford Business School

The wide array of networking events offered by the University has boosted my employability skills as they have enabled me to meet a variety of different solicitors and even secure some work experience with the General Medical Council – which is not usually offered to students. I have also strengthened my interview skills through interviews with the Crown Prosecution Service and other organisations, enabling me to tailor my answers to ensure I am attracting potential employers.

I have received an enormous amount of support throughout my studies. I was able to make appointments to receive in-depth support and guidance for all my assignments. The quality of support I received was reflected in the grades I got for all my assessments. Alongside this, all of my seminar tutors always ensure everyone understands the concepts taught by constantly checking in with us throughout the seminar and the lecture.

The Best Bits

I really enjoyed the opportunities the university has to offer and exploring both campuses and taking advantage of the facilities on campus. The services that the university offers students are unique; for me the faith centre was a part of the university that made me feel accepted and is not something I have seen other universities offer to the same extent. The Salford Inspire scheme is another unique service the university offers that has benefitted me throughout my undergraduate course.

Advice to Future Students

I would highly recommend the Salford Business School to other students due to the support the lecturers and tutors have provided me with throughout my course. This support is not only related to my studies but also through applying for training contracts and bursaries. The dedication the lecturers and tutors have towards the students is unmatched and contributes to the effectiveness of the teaching delivered, as all the staff genuinely want the students to do well in all aspects of our studies.

I would advise future students to be open and take advantage of the many opportunities the university has to offer as they are key to progressing within any business industry. I have benefitted from this myself as a law student, with the networking events helping me to secure unique work experience with organisations that do not usually do so.

Life After Salford

I have big plans for life after graduation. I have already applied to complete my Solicitors Qualifying Examination and hope to qualify in the field of family law or clinical negligence.

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