After graduating from BSc Business and Economics (now BSc (Hons) Business Management with Economics), Adam Ball started work as a Management Trainee at Enterprise rent-a-car.  We asked him about his experience at Salford Business School and how the course helped him on his professional journey. 

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Adam Bell

What was the highlight of your time at Salford?

The highlight of my time at Salford was getting a First in my degree! But apart from that, I got involved with the Enactus society which runs social enterprise projects in Salford. As a team, at the end of our third year, we made it to the national competition which hadn’t been done in five years and got as far as the semi-finals which hadn’t been done in a decade. This was a really nice accumulation of all our achievements and hard work. It was nice to put Salford on the map and make ourselves and the Business School proud.

Enactus has always been good to have on my CV to make myself stand out. When I was at my assessment centre, I was the only person who had been involved with anything like that and if I hadn’t got involved with that at Salford, I don’t think I’d be the person I am today.

What are you up to now?

I am a Graduate Management Trainee at Enterprise. This is where everyone in the company starts off and at the minute my job mainly consists of customer service roles. I’m currently going through stage tests – there are four in your first year – and at that point you can go on to become a manager. It’s infinity and beyond from there really, so I’m working my way up!

How did your course prepare you for your future career?

I feel like the module that helped me the most would be Professional Development. Doing an interview, getting my CV properly analysed and doing an assessment centre helped me so, so much – it was brilliant. So, I definitely feel like the services Salford offered to me really kind of made it so that the world of business wasn’t a shock, which I think is really important.

Would you recommend the university to potential students?

Absolutely. It’s put me in a job and a career that I really like.

The faculty really helped me out and supported me. There’s a misconception when you’re younger and going through education that you are going to be spoon fed everything. That’s not the case.

I feel like at this age you should take responsibility for yourself and as much as I was offered plenty of opportunities, it was ultimately down to me to put myself out there. There are great facilities here and if you’re the kind of person who wants to grow, Salford will really help you out.

Everything’s gone well for me, so why can’t it happen for someone else?

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