At Salford Business School, ensuring employability of all our students is a top priority. Many courses are offered with a placement year, which ensures students get lots of real-world experience with top name companies during their time studying.

Photo of MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management student Arjun Ravinsankar
Photo of MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management student Arjun Ravinsankar

Meet Arjun: the MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management student who came to Salford from Kerala, India. Having completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in India, Arjun is currently completing a placement year with tech giant Dyson, located near Bristol in the county of Wiltshire.

“I chose Salford because it was an affordable way to study, and the campus is located on the doorstep of Manchester: one of the most thriving industrial cities in the UK,” explains Arjun. “I also looked at the course online and the module selection piqued my interest.”

Arjun started his one-year placement in August 2023, with a view to getting some practical experience to allow him to apply what he learned during University to the real world.

“The employability team at Salford were amazing: really helpful in securing my visa to allow me to take part in the placement,” says Arjun. “I would recommend every student drop in to visit the employability team: they can help you with anything from updating your CV to practicing for interviews, and they were instrumental in helping me secure my placement with Dyson.”

It’s an exciting time for Arjun, who is working in the Upstream Procurement team, collaborating closely in early product development stages with suppliers and colleagues from New Product Introduction (NPI), Research and Engineering to support delivery of Dyson’s next generation products.

“My role at Dyson is to be the mediator between the supplier and engineer, ensuring that a design created by an engineer can be realised with the correct parts to build the product. This includes navigating sustainability challenges, and I’ve also been taking part in some programme management work to diversify my experience and portfolio. It’s been an eye-opening experience for me!”

So, what’s next for Arjun?

“I will be returning to Salford for three months after my placement to complete my dissertation. I genuinely hope for the opportunity to continue my journey at Dyson, as the organizational culture has proven to be incredibly supportive. Beyond the day-to-day tasks, I’ve found a workplace that thrives on innovation, embraces a fast-paced environment with a strong delivery focus, and an exciting project pipeline. What sets Dyson apart is the collaborative spirit within the team and the strong sense of community, making workplace more enjoyable.”

Are you an international student who is interested in securing a placement year? Contact the Salford Business School employability team today for help and support.

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