Humoud Aljassar is a BSc (Hons) Business Management student and current student ambassador. He shares with us his thoughts and experiences studying at Salford Business School. 

Photo of BSc Business Management student Humoud Aljassar
Photo of BSc Business Management student Humoud Aljassar

The Salford Experience

I have always been interested in studying management and wanted somewhere where I can truly feel free and comfortable. I wanted a major change from my everyday life. When I was researching universities, I came across Salford and did a bit of light reading. I then visited Salford and instantly knew that if I wanted to broaden my views and gain new experiences then Salford is the place to be.

Now that I’m studying at Salford, I get the pleasure of learning the different aspects of the business world and get to practically implement that knowledge in hands-on experiences such as business simulations and discussing business problems with my tutors and peers. One of the best aspects of Salford is that the tutors are always there to support you no matter what – whether it is face-to-face, via email or via messages, they will be there to support you through thick and thin.

Employability at Salford Business School

Salford Business School offers a range of experiences in pretty much everything business related to help you decide on and prepare for your chosen career. You can get advice and experience in everything from managing your own business to learning to work alongside others in a sophisticated yet warm environment.

You have loads of opportunities to gain hands-on experience and learn how businesses look and operate. You get the chance to attend talks by professional leaders and entrepreneurs, talking about the path they have taken and discussing the decisions they made when they were sitting right where you are. This really helps you to visualise what steps you need to take and where you want to take your career. As a student, you also get access to the university’s Employability Team. This team offers advice on topics such as placements and CV building.

Advice for Future Students

A piece of advice I would give would be to not stress about your decision and wonder if it was the right one. You got plenty of time to think about your decision about where to study. If you have any queries then the university will be with you every step of the way, from the application process via events such as open days to when you start studying at Salford, right the way through to graduation and beyond.

Final Thoughts

Salford University is welcoming, warm and inviting. These are just a few words I could use to describe my experience so far. You get to meet awesome people, tutors and students alike, take interesting classes and immerse yourself in Salford’s atmosphere, what more could you ask for?

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