BSc Business Management with Finance student, Lewis Ford, tells us about studying at the University of Salford, as well as his experiences traveling to Vietnam with the university.

Photo of Business Management with Finance student Lewis Ford
Photo of Business Management with Finance student Lewis Ford

Journey to Salford Business School

I decided Salford was the place for me for a couple of reasons. I know friends who have graduated from the University of Salford in the past and have heard from their experiences that they have learned a lot and gained invaluable skills. The university is also located fairly close to me. I live around 10 miles out of Manchester, so I can commute via public transport easily.

All About the Course

I am studying BSc Business Management with Finance, and over the last three years, I have learned many things. Finance is difficult to define; it can have many meanings and is part of all our lives. In the first year, I was introduced to the business side of my degree. We were taught about the core concepts within a business and the different organisational structures a business can have. The second year focused on accountancy concepts such as financial ratios and bookkeeping, as well as where business as an idea is heading in the future and how technology is playing a role is building that future. It also brought us along the journey of a project’s lifecycle and the elements needed to manage it successfully. We also analysed the finances of a selected company and provided a report to tackle the issues they faced. My final year has collated everything I have learned over the past couple of years and focused on business strategy, innovation and how these two concepts are key when launching a startup.

One of the main aspects I enjoy about the course is using real-life case studies to conduct research, as it gives me an insight into how I could implement parts of this into my own business. I feel as though I have been given tips on all aspects of a business. Launching a business, dealing with competition, controlling costs, and managing staff are just some of these.

Employability at Salford Business School

In the second year, we did a module that focused on developing yourself and your employability skills. We were assessed on CV and cover letter writing, psychometric tests, and creating a LinkedIn profile. CV writing was a weak area for me, so it was nice to have some experience and support to create a robust one. The university library also has many resources that are helpful to assist students. Throughout the three years, some of my modules also enabled me to obtain certificates for Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) that will be useful for the rest of my life.

Student Support

My lecturers, programme leader and seminar teachers have always been there for me over the past three years. Whenever I had a problem, they offered me the guidance and support I needed. Staff from the library have also been extremely supportive in helping develop my employability skills through the CV and interview guides they provide.

The Best Bits

The highlight of my time here is the cultural business trip to Vietnam. In July 2023, I was one of the students selected to go on a free cultural business trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Engaging in this trip allowed me to meet new people, share hobbies and learn about the culture of a new place. The itinerary was full; the university planned and paid for everything, and partnering with BUV made it a spectacular experience for me. Overall, this was a fantastic trip and I thank all those involved who made it a dream for me.

I would definitely recommend Salford Business School to other students. There are a wide range of courses to choose from that will allow to obtain the skills you need. Each course will give you a solid understanding of business, from a different perspective. The business school also has a range of international opportunities for students who want to have unforgettable experiences. There are also many additional resources and support available when you need.

Life after Salford

I am not sure what I want to go into after Salford yet, but this degree has given me a solid platform on where I can go. Consultancy, Financial advice, business analyst, or my own business – there are many routes I could take. Even if you have no idea what career is for you, if finance interests you, then choose this degree – after 3 years you will be grateful for the options it unlocks!

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