MSc Management student Dotun Awosika, talks to us about his experience studying at Salford Business School

Photo of MSc student Dotun Awosika
Photo of MSc student Dotun Awosika

Journey to Salford Business School

Choosing the MSc programme in Digital Business at the University of Salford is not merely a decision; it is a dedication to defining my future in the ever-changing and challenging realm of the business industry. The appeal of this programme is not just due to its outstanding academic quality but also its ability to drive me toward making innovative and significant contributions to the business sector. After finishing my MSc, I am ready to bring about significant changes in businesses and make valuable contributions to the growth of top-notch startups in Nigeria, while exploring the innovative domain of Web 3.0 technology.

The University of Salford’s excellent reputation and the evident passion displayed by its instructors and staff were the factors that attracted me. The undivided focus and assistance they offer to students are unmatched, establishing a setting that not only promotes learning but also facilitates authentic development. To me, this is an essential foundation of resilience as I begin the next phase of my professional journey.

The University’s robust connections with the corporate community intensify my passion. The opportunity to actively engage in the University’s activities and leverage its extensive industrial linkages is a thrilling characteristic that distinguishes Salford from other institutions. I am confident that joining this dynamic group would not only enrich my academic experience but also offer essential perspectives on the practical implementation of my knowledge.

 The University of Salford’s placement among the top 85 universities world ranking in the Complete University Guide 2023 league tables is evidence of its dedication to achieving high academic standards. I intentionally chose the United Kingdom as the place for my MSc due to its internationally renowned education system, high-quality programme modules, and the potential for networking and job prospects, especially in the prosperous business center of Manchester.

With my experience in ICT and blockchain product management, I strongly connect with Salford Business School’s focus on practical skills and market relevance, which aligns with my career goals. I am enthusiastic about participating in the Digital Business programme, as I believe it will offer an ideal opportunity for me to grow and develop into an innovative business developer. This endeavour is not solely focused on gaining information; it is centred around becoming a catalyst for fostering positive transformation in the business environment. The University of Salford is the perfect institution for me to accomplish this goal.

All About the Course

Enrolling in the MSc programme in Digital Business at the University of Salford is an exciting adventure that promises not only academic enrichment but also deep transformation in navigating the intricacies of the digital business landscape. At the heart of this programme is a comprehensive curriculum that smoothly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical applications, ensuring a solid foundation for success in the digital age.

The course goes into crucial areas of Digital Business, carefully designed to promote a thorough awareness of the various difficulties and opportunities given by the digital revolution. From understanding the nuances of digital transformation to grasping the complexities of e-commerce, online marketing, and data analytics, the programme takes a comprehensive approach that goes beyond the surface, enabling students to think critically and creatively.

The curriculum incorporates project management, which is a critical component of successful digital business adoption. This component guarantees that students not only understand theoretical frameworks but also develop the practical abilities required to drive digital initiatives from start to finish. It is an empowering component that provides prospective digital company leaders with the tools they need to handle the difficulties of project execution.

The integration of search and social media marketing enhances the curriculum by recognising the critical role these components play in defining the digital world. Through immersive learning experiences, students will master the art of using search engines and social platforms, polishing skills that are essential in today’s interconnected corporate environment.

One of the most appealing parts of the programme is the calibre of teachers who lead students through their academic journeys. The faculty at the University of Salford provides a depth of expertise and a desire to share information that transcends traditional borders. Their dedication to academic success is evident, creating an environment in which intellectual curiosity is not only encouraged, but applauded.

The combination of academic rigour and real-world applicability demonstrates the faculty’s commitment to providing students with a transformative educational experience. The professors’ commitment to remaining current with industry developments means that the programme is dynamic, reflecting the ever-changing digital business sector.

Studying for my Masters in Digital Business at the University of Salford has been an incredibly personal and engaging journey. Each module of the course reveals a wealth of knowledge crucial for navigating the exciting twists and turns of the digital business world. The curriculum is dynamic, covering digital transformation, entrepreneurship, information systems, project management, e-commerce, data analytics, and the thrilling realm of AI-driven technologies. This comprehensive approach provides me with a well-rounded understanding of the vast digital universe.

What truly lights up my experience is the perfect balance struck between theoretical ideas and hands-on experiences, especially in project management, search, and social media marketing. The teachers’ genuine passion for the subject adds a human touch to the learning experience, fostering an environment where curiosity not only thrives but is also rewarded. This harmonious combination of academic rigour and practical applications not only fulfils my intellectual curiosity but also prepares me for exciting future endeavours in the ever-changing digital business environment.

Employability at Salford Business School

Engaging in the Global Business Challenge has improved my employability by offering a distinctive and practical opportunity to address real-time business issues. Interacting with international postgraduate students from different schools and cooperating with peers around the world provided me with essential knowledge about different viewpoints and improved my capacity to operate efficiently in global teams. Under the guidance of seasoned experts utilising the Team Academy Model, I honed my problem-solving, teamwork, and project management abilities through hands-on experience with actual customer projects. This experience not only broadened my practical knowledge but also sharpened my ability to adjust and communicate effectively across many cultures; which is crucial qualities in today’s interconnected corporate environment.

In addition, my participation in a specialised module on employability in the UK provided by the school has enhanced my range of skills. This curriculum offered crucial resources for navigating the UK job market by exploring topics such as CV development, professional conduct, networking, and career planning methods. By delving into the complexities of creating a compelling CV, comprehending the mechanics of the workplace, and honing networking methods, I have acquired the practical abilities necessary to distinguish myself in a fiercely competitive employment market. These many experiences collectively strengthen my employability, equipping me for a successful transfer into the professional field.

Student Support

The assistance and direction I have obtained at the University of Salford, particularly through the UK employability programme, have enhanced my academic and professional growth. This subject has been revolutionary as it covers critical areas such as CV building, workplace behaviour, networking, and career planning tactics. After taking part in the employability module in the UK, I have consistently been able to secure jobs in the UK. This demonstrates the practical skills and insights I obtained from the course.

In addition, the Global Business Challenge offered a distinctive opportunity for learning, as coaches from the participating universities guided us through the Team Academy Model. This experience enhanced my problem-solving and teamwork abilities while also cultivating a global mindset, promoting adaptation and productive collaboration on a global level.

The lecturers and tutors have been incredibly important mentors, providing guidance not only in the modules but also in specialised areas such as Python coding and the ethical application of AI for career advancement. Their assistance has fostered a constructive and motivating educational atmosphere, enabling me to delve into intricate topics with assurance.

The Best Bits

The highlights of my time at the University of Salford have been both humbling and enriching. An important milestone occurred when I was asked to serve as a course representative, a position that enabled me to speak for the shared interests of my classmates. This experience was not only humbling but also provided a unique perspective into the academic dynamics of our community.

Another rewarding highlight has been the opportunity to serve as a tutor for my colleagues, contributing to their academic success. The ability to exchange knowledge, provide advise, and observe the development of my peers has been really satisfying, strengthening the feeling of bonding throughout our educational experience.

Working as a Postgraduate Mentor for the University was a wonderful experience that allowed me to further contribute to the academic and personal development of my peers. The position offered an opportunity to exchange knowledge, provide advice, and foster a sense of bonding among graduate students.

Being a student panellist at the Chartered Managers and Business Educators (CMBE) event hosted by the Chartered Association of Business Schools was yet another extraordinary experience. The topic of Student Experiences of AI served as a platform for interacting with industry professionals and sharing valuable insights from a student’s point of view. This chance facilitated the connection between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation.

Furthermore, the possibility of advancing to a Ph.D. programme upon finishing my master’s degree at the University of Salford is a particularly thrilling aspect for me. The University’s suitable climate, supportive faculty members, and the wide array of experiences have intensified my aspiration to make additional contributions to academic research and understanding in the subject.

I wholeheartedly recommend Salford Business School to other students based on the diverse and enriching experiences I have encountered. The curriculum is vibrant, providing practical learning opportunities, and the faculty is supportive, creating a culture that promotes both academic and personal growth. Salford distinguishes itself not only through its strong focus on achieving high academic standards but also through its unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

The exceptional environment at Salford University plays a crucial role in fostering racial diversity, resulting in a vibrant mix of viewpoints and backgrounds. The presence of many individuals and perspectives enriches the learning process, allowing students to interact with a wide array of ideas and cultural viewpoints. The programme highlights the worldwide interdependence of the corporate sphere and equips students with the skills to excel in a diverse and multicultural work setting.

Salford Business School has demonstrated its commitment to embracing and valuing diversity through its enthusiastic educators and impactful international partnerships. This inclusive approach enhances the educational process by providing a distinct aspect, making it a more appealing option for students who desire an environment that appreciates and enhances racial diversity.

Life after Salford

After I graduate, my focus is on pursuing more academic endeavours and utilising the knowledge and skills I have acquired. I am particularly interested in pursuing a PhD within the department of Salford Business School at the University of Salford. The possibility to further my academic career in the institution that has been instrumental in my development is a thrilling prospect to explore research in more depth and make contributions to the academic community.

At the same time, I plan to move into a position as a consultant specialising in web3 companies, focusing on transformational strategies and product strategy. Utilising my expertise in ICT and blockchain product management, and leveraging the extensive knowledge acquired while studying Digital Business at Salford, my objective is to drive innovation to new heights in the constantly expanding digital realm. This dual approach is in line with my enthusiasm for scholarly investigation and my dedication to implementing pragmatic solutions in the ever-changing field of web3 technologies. My objective is to actively contribute to the revolutionary development of startups in this field, by combining scholarly investigation with tangible and remarkable results.

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