We talk to BSc Business Management with Marketing student Becky Leigh about her experience studying at Salford Business School

Photo of Business Management with Marketing student Becky Leigh

Journey to Salford Business School

I chose to Study at the University of Salford because it provided opportunities that other universities did not, such as the possibility of attaining a CIM accredited degree. Although it felt somewhat overwhelming deciding where to study, the passion shown by staff, particularly Dr. Angela Burne, ensured me that this was the university for me.

All About the Course

The Business Management with Marketing involves a varied range of modules, from data analysation to the curation of campaigns with opportunities and support to actualise them. The course has something for everyone, with endless support and prospects for enhancing your CV.

It’s more than just a course; it’s a gateway into a more employable self.

I love the diversity of the modules and that they actually contribute to the development of necessary skills for a job in this industry. Each module allows for creative influences to be recognised, and individuality to shine through, which has helped me to be recognised by the CIM. This course has introduced me to so many possibilities I never knew were achievable. The ability to network is phenomenal, and the work is never boring. I enjoy every aspect of the course.

Employability at Salford Business School

Each assignment clearly defines the skills it enhances so it’s easy to strengthen your CV as you go along, but the entirety of the professional development course was directly applicable to the real world. It even provided tools such as a website full of interview tests which equipped me with the skills to pass that stage in the placement process.

Some staff members at Salford truly care about their students, Michael and Angela spring to mind. The Business School seems daunting and overwhelming, but there is always someone to turn to who cares.

The Best Bits

The highlight for me was the first group assignment, it truly got me out of my shell and introduced me to some of the best people here at Salford. You’ll find yourself surrounded by people who truly want to succeed, and that’s what motivates me every day.

Life after Salford

Once I graduate, I’d like to start my own business for adults who miss the whimsical experience of childhood. I’d love to create a space that rekindles that sort of joy, and I’m planning on taking part in a Launch Cohort to help actualise this dream.

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