Always wondered what a Salford Graduation is really like? Me too! Luckily, I had a chat with one of our 2023 Film Production graduates, Sam, to see what happens on the day. Read our chat below to get his take and top tips for the big day. 

I filmed and created some social content at the graduation ceremonies earlier in the week, which gave me a good idea of what to expect prior to the ceremony. There is a nice buzz around the venue and from people outside. This meant I was looking forward to getting there and seeing everyone.   

I didn’t know that much about the ceremony, so it still felt like a new experience. But on the University website there’s a dedicated webpage about what happens on the day. It gives a good overview of how the ceremony works.  

Was there anything that surprised you about your graduation day? 

I think something that surprised me was the process of getting your robes. I thought you’d turn up and just get given your robe but there is a process to ensure you’re properly fitted. It’s quite a nice little build up to the ceremony.  I recommend everyone hires their gown in advance to avoid queues!

Graduates sat in their Graduation ceremony.

How early did you get to venue? 

I can’t remember what time exactly, but I was a little later than the recommended arrival time of two hours before your ceremony. I had to rush because of this, so I recommend you arrive at least two hours early. It means your day will be a bit smoother than mine!  

How long did the day go on for – including your pictures, ceremony etc? 

It was a good few hours – around three to four. I think it was the majority of the afternoon. My graduation was the last in the day, with my ceremony starting at 16:15. It went really quickly to be honest. There is quite a lot going on, so time really flies by. 

What was the atmosphere like? 

The atmosphere was really good. It felt like the finale of university experience. It was nice having a moment of ending to university life, rather than just get your grades and that be it.  

It was also nice to catch up with people from my course and even just being around other graduates with their friends and family. Everyone was celebrating. 

Graduates throwing their caps outside MediaCity.

What are your top three tips for anyone graduating? 

  1. Plan what you need to do once you’ve registered for Graduation. This includes:  
  2. Make the most of it. Don’t just go straight to your ceremony and leave, soak up the atmosphere and embrace the day. Also, don’t worry about the process or going on stage – it goes so quick!

  3. Capture as much of it as possible. Even if it’s just capturing photos with your family or videos with your mates. Whatever it is, get memories to look back on. Even if you think it’s a bad photo don’t delete it, save it somewhere to look back on it one day. 

How did it feel finally getting your diploma?   

I had quite a lot going on while I was at University including work projects, studying and a few other things, so getting to the point where I had a physical certificate, could take a deep breathe and say ‘I’ve done it’, it was really nice.

I think the experience of going on stage makes you realise you’ve achieved something. During university you power through getting your essays and projects done, so taking a moment to be like ‘I’ve done something here’ is nice. 

Note: When you cross the stage you get a scroll for your certificate/diploma. You get given your certificate separately.

Graduates outside The Lowry.

What are your plans now you’ve graduated?  

My plans going forward include running my own business full-time. I want to keep going and learning. I don’t think university is the end of learning, just a stepping stone along the way. I’ll keep working hard and see where it takes me. 

We wish Sam the best of luck on his new chapter! If you’re graduating soon, you can find everything you need to know on our Graduation website.