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Celebrating Neurodiversity

There’s no ‘right’ way of thinking, learning and behaving. In fact, there are many advantages that come with thinking differently. […]
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How to be an ally to your LGBT+ peers

Starting university often represents a fresh start and brings with it a new-found freedom, so it’s no surprise that many […]
Photo of paper with Newyear Resolutions written on it

Get inspired: how to set and stick to your New Year’s resolutions

New year, new Trimester, new blog! Before we entered 2023, we asked you over on Instagram what your New Year’s […]

Our top 5 tips to save money at home

For many of you, not only could this be your first time away from home, but also the first time […]
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Making the most of winter in Manchester

Winter is such a magical season, but the cold weather and shorter days can make it feel a tad draining, […]
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Parenting while studying? This is what you need to know

Being a student as well as a parent can feel overwhelming and tough at times. We understand that juggling parenting […]
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Energy savings advice from Professor Richard Fitton

Winter is fast approaching. With the temperature dropping and our winter coats getting more use, it’s the perfect time to […]
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Your postgrad bucket list

Congratulations, you made it to uni! This is a really exciting time but – take our word for it – […]
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Things you should know as a commuter student

Do you commute to campus? Being a commuter student might make you use campus differently to some of your peers […]
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How to get involved as an international student

Coming to university is a huge step for anyone. But it can seem even more daunting if you've travelled to another country to study. Fortunately, we have lots of...
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How to deal with feeling homesick

Feeling homesick is natural especially if moving to university is the first time you have been away from home. Homesickness […]
Students celebrating their graduation infront of the Lowry outlet mall in Mediacity.

Final year students: What you need to know before you graduate 

Have you just finished your course and leaving the University of Salford soon? Congratulations, you’ve done an amazing job – […]
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Q&A About Countering Hateful Extremism

We know conversations around extremism can be challenging and confusing at times, but it’s important that we all understand what […]
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University Mental Health Day 2021

Hey everyone, Megan here!👋 As we head into another month of restrictions I thought it might be helpful to share […]
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International Student tips and tricks: Q&A with Ade

Becoming an international student can be a daunting yet exciting experience – not only are you starting a new adventure […]
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📺 [VIDEO]: Wellbeing and you

Going to university can be an amazing time in your life that’s packed full of new experiences. Some of these […]
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BLOG: What I learned from my university experience

One of the most peculiar feelings about coming to the end of my time at university has been that it […]

Motivational Songs to Get You Through Your Assignments

With the end of semester one done and dusted, and a new batch of modules ready to launch next month, […]

Am I Doing This Right?

Everyone tells you that university will be the ‘best years of your life’. Which, for some people, may be the […]
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Making friends before uni – how Facebook can help

Starting university can be very daunting. In the weeks leading up to this new chapter of your life, a fear […]

10 Things You Definitely DON’T Need to Bring to University:

Packing for university is a daunting prospect. Suddenly, you realise how much stuff you have collected over the years, and […]


Yes! You read that right. Last week I had the chance to speak all things cancer related with some CATS (volunteers) […]
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What is an overdraft and do I need one?

We’ve all had a little tizzy at some point in our life when we’re asked to talk about, or take […]
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Five quirky revision break ideas

I am a procrastination professional, without a doubt. Revision? You know I must clean my shoes. Essay deadline? I’ll FaceTime […]

Meaningful music and mental health

Today is University Mental Health Day. At some point in life many of us will experience some kind of mental health […]
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🎧 PODCAST: University Mental Health Day 2018

University can be an amazing, exciting and life-changing experience, but everyone can face challenges along the way that can knock […]
Focus Definiton

Creating the perfect study environment

Your bedroom desk will be the place you spend (or should spend) most of your time as an undergraduate. I […]
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Should I bring my car to uni?

Moving to uni gives you a great opportunity to leave all those hindrances behind and start an annoyance free life […]
Image: Rhys

BLOG: Introducing…Rhys

Who and What am I? Well hello there! My name is Rhys and I’m in my first year here at […]
Image: Ryan

BLOG: Introducing…Ryan

Hey! My name is Ryan, I’m 23 and a recent graduate from the University of Salford. In this blog post […]

8 things I wish I’d known before I started university

1. You’ll spend so much more in Freshers’ Week than you think Freshers’ Week is essentially the first week where […]
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BLOG: How to battle homesickness

If you are reading this blog post, it might mean that you are already missing that little haven called home. […]

BLOG: A week without my smartphone

When I look around I see one thing: everyone using their phones. Why? What is our obsession with our smartphones? […]

We’ve got your back – keeping students safe on campus

This article was first published in 2016. In light of recent world events, we’re currently reviewing our safety guidance and […]
No regrets

10 things I’d do differently before starting university

Starting university and moving away from home is one of the biggest steps a young adult has to make in […]