Behind the scenes of Visioning Lab: a future-casting exercise

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Dr Jessica Symons, the academic behind Visioning Lab and its future visioning workshops will be available online for a behind the scene discussion with special guests and spontaneous future-casting sessions on topics of participants’ choosing.

Visit the Visioning Lab YouTube channel on 10th November between 8-9pm for live chat. Check out the channel anytime for future-casting exercises that take people on imaginative journeys on themes ranging from love and shopping to death and music.

On the Visioning Lab YouTube channel, you can:

  • Meet Star the Cat who features in a number of future casts and other special guests who will do a live future visioning session with Dr Jess.
  • Find out what the background noises are in the YouTube videos (it’s the gerbils)
  • Hear about other people’s experiences of doing the future-casting exercises
  • Take part in a future-casting exercise yourself

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For further information, please contact Jessica Symons (

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