School Impact Leads for 2020/21

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The Impact, Engagement and Environment Coordinator (Emma Sutton) will be working with the newly created School Impact Leads (formerly REF Impact Coordinators) to support the development of impact activities within their research groupings/Schools with a view to creating case studies to showcase the University’s breadth of impact activity and for the purposes of assessment exercises such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

They will coordinate closely with the School ADRI and the University’s Impact, Engagement and Environment Coordinator to maximise the impact of the University’s research by undertaking the following key responsibilities: 

  • To ensure that the impact strategy aligns with the School and University research strategies
  • To encourage and develop high-quality impact performance at School level by developing impact action plans within respective research groupings
  • To act as the primary academic contact for impact in respective research groupings and raise awareness of impact more widely within the School
  • To lead within the School on development and promotion of both internal and external research impact and engagement activities
  • To provide support for locally administered funding schemes for impact, knowledge exchange and public engagement
  • To identify training and development needs for impact
  • To assist in facilitating impact training and development events at University and School level
  • To identify and assist with development of pathway to impact activities (e.g. public engagement events, Festival of Research etc.)
  • To work with other Impact Leads across the University to establish and share best practice

To find out more about the future impact strategy contact:

Emma Sutton, Impact, Engagement & Environment Coordinator at

Or speak to your current School Impact Lead:

SAM – Dr Pal Vik

SBS – Dr Sudi Sharifi

SH&S – Prof Neal Hazel

SEE – Prof Apostolos Antonacopoulos / Prof Mike Wood / Prof Peter Walker

Why not take this opportunity to check out the impact resources available on our intranet site:

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