Industrial Re:Evolution at Manchester Science & Industry Museum

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Dr. Juan Hiriart, Nathan Bowman (University of Salford) working with Dr. Alexis Litvine (University of Cambridge), took part in the the Get Curious exhibition to showcase a new game for the first time in a public setting.

This educational game developed by scholars and researchers from the University of Cambridge and Salford, history teachers, students and expert advisors from the game industry, aims to bring the latest historical research about the Industrial Revolution to secondary Schools (Keystages 3, 4 and 5). The game is designed to explore the causes of the Industrial Revolution with an emphasis on the role of demography, mineral energy (coal), agricultural productivity, transport networks, regional specialisation, and urbanisation. By heuristically and iteratively playing with the game’s interface, students gradually acquire an understanding of the multiple causal chains and systemic relationships behind the Industrial Revolution.

For two days in April, more than 220 people engaged with the project, giving the team valuable feedback for the next development stages. The delivery of this aspect of the project was supported by QR funding from university of Salford. We will be looking out for the delivery of more engaged research projects benefiting from this fund over the coming months.