Being Human Festival 2023: The Anthropozine, Being Human in the Age of Zines.

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Lecturers in English Prof. Jade Munslow Ong and Dr Emma Barnes, and Associate Dean Sam Ingleson were successful in receiving a total of £3,000 to run four events as part of the Being Human Festival, the UK’s national festival of the Humanities. To respond to this year’s theme, ‘Rhyme and Reason’, the team turned to the form of the ‘zine’, which has historically been used for both creative (rhyme) as well as political (reason) purposes. 

From 11th-16th November, the team hosted four zine-making workshops as a means to share their research with the public. The workshops were inspired by DRUM magazine, a South African literature magazine, Opportunity,  a magazine originating from the Harlem Renaissance, Equal Rights, a feminist magazine, and music zines that celebrated Manchester’s music scene.  These workshops were hosted in collaboration with the Salford Zine Library, Salford Museum and Art Gallery, and Partisan at Islington Mill. 

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