Salford Seminars in Sound and Music – Spring 2024

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Salford Seminars in Sound and Music 

Spring 2024

New Adelphi Building, University Road, Salford, M5 4BR

Free and open to the public

Email m.perevedentseva[at] for livestream link

Seminar 1 – Composition in the 21st Century

When: Monday 4th March, 5.30–7pm

Where: The Band Room (3.02), New Adelphi Building

Abstract: What does it mean to say you are a composer in the third decade of the 21st century? In a multicultural society, is the idea of the composer inherently associated with Western Art Music? In an era when leading classical ensembles are marketing ‘experiences’ instead of simply listing pieces by composers’ names, is the concept of the composer still helpful? Composers and performers commissioning new music come together to discuss the future of the concept in higher education and beyond.

Speakers: Anwesha Chakraborty (University of Salford), Dr Dan Price (University of Salford), Dr Lauren Redhead (Goldsmiths, University of London), Lauryna Sableviciute (Royal Northern College of Music), Professor Alan Williams (University of Salford).

Seminar 2 – Music and Decolonisation

When: Monday 11th March, 5.30–7pm

Where: The Band Room (3.02), New Adelphi Building

Abstract: This panel brings together researchers in ethnomusicology, jazz studies, organology and music theory to discuss how music intersects with discourses of decolonisation. Speakers will consider the relative merits of—and continued frictions in—strategies for the decolonisation of music and/as knowledge, and outline individual projects which intervene in these debates from different disciplinary vantage points.

Speakers: Dr Phil Brissenden (University of Salford), Fraser Browne (University of Salford), Jostine Loubser (University of Salford), Dr Corey Mwamba (Goldsmiths, University of London), Professor Michael Spitzer (University of Liverpool).

Seminar 3 – Music Higher Education in the North West (in partnership with Low Four Soundcheck)

When: Friday 19th April, 3.30–5pm

Where: Low Four Studio, Deansgate Mews, Manchester, M3 4EN

Abstract: In this roundtable discussion, representatives from all of the major Higher Education Institutions in Greater Manchester join forces to explore the opportunities and challenges facing our unique musical ecosystem. Topics will include contemporary motivations for studying and working in Music HE, strategies for navigating the funding landscape for music research, changing power dynamics between theoretical and practical work, and best practices for equipping students for the professional demands of the future.

Speakers: Dr Neil Bruce (Manchester Metropolitan University), Dr Roddy Hawkins (University of Manchester), Dr Maria Perevedentseva (University of Salford), Professor Nicholas Reyland (Royal Northern College of Music), Sarah Unwin (University of Salford).

Seminar 4 – Creative Potentials in Immersive Audio

When: Monday 13th May, 5.30–7pm

Where: The Band Room (3.02), New Adelphi Building

Abstract: This panel brings together practitioners in the fields of music production, audio-visual arts, immersive events and sound installation to explore the creative potential of immersive and spatial audio. Panellists will dissect the essence of ‘immersion’ within these domains, unravelling its significance and potential impact, and consider how rapidly evolving tools are democratising creativity and empowering artists to redefine ‘immersion’ on their own terms. Following the discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to experience innovative works within the University of Salford 7.1.4 speaker array and gain insights into how these tools can be harnessed to investigate concepts of immersion from a creative standpoint.

Speakers: Simon Connor (University of Salford), Dr Brendan Williams (University of Salford), and more tbc.