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How to rank on Google – Step 1 to be #1

25 July 2016
rank on google

Helvijs Smoteks- Rank on Google

This post introduces you to the first step in the 3 step approach on how to rank on Google and become the number 1 in your field. We will go through posts 2 and 3 in future blog posts so stay tuned.

By now it seems like everyone with a laptop has started a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency and most of them are capable of generating decent revenue. If you want to jump on this SEO train, and don’t have the time to join our MSc in Digital Marketing or the Search and Social Media Marketing evening course, this post is a must read!

Knowing all about how to rank on Google from the best in the SEO field can be a real money-maker later on in your career. So, pull out your notebook and let’s learn. Read more…..

Social Media and using it for your Business

18 July 2016

So you have heard of social media and that many people and businessessocial media for businesss are using it. But do you know about using social media for your business the correct way?

I am an MSc Marketing student here at Salford Business School and I attended the ‘Creative Pro-Social Manchester’ conference on Friday 16th July. I was able to listen to many discussions and panels on how businesses use social media nowadays. Lots of people within Digital attended. Everyone had interesting thoughts and ideas on what makes up effective social media usage.

The first panel had a lot of comparison between online and offline networking. Which one you choose depends on your personal style. All of the social channels are using unique voices. With Twitter it is easier to adopt a conversational and friendly tone. It is also simpler to find out about people online than it is face to face. We can go and search them on google to see if we want to talk to them, I know I always do! Read more…..

How do student placements work?

8 July 2016
How do student placements work?

How do student placements work?

Are you worried about gaining work experience? When you finish university how will you stand out when applying for Graduate roles? I knew how competitive the Graduate market was. This was something I considered in my second year that drove me to apply for a student placement.

I spent my third year on a student placement. I highly recommend a year in Industry. Everyone should consider it! It is your chance to gain some fantastic working experience while you complete your degree.

I spent last year working for Virgin Media. This has been an amazing experience and has given me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. Day-to-day I have been responsible for coaching off-shore partners in India and the Philippines and taking a communication lead on high scale projects. I have wrote nominations for national awards as well as internal communications to share key-information.

Now I am coming to the end of my student placement I have begun to reflect on the year and really appreciate the fantastic opportunity I have had. I have built knowledge, developed skills and grown into a more confident person. In the second year I was hesitant on whether a placement year was for me. I thought adding another year of study to my degree was delaying my completion of my course. Having now had the experience I can tell you that it is 110% worth it!


Why we should not be surprised at the #EUReferendum result

4 July 2016
Professor Karl Dayson

Professor Karl Dayson

‘Just remember this – in this country they drive on the wrong side of the road’: why we should have expected the referendum result we got.

Not only will businesses have to live with the consequences of the result for a long-time, Brexit also serves as a case-study on how to make a bad decision. Nate Silver, the American uber-predicator, says his failure to predict Trump’s rise was because he refused to follow the data and instead allowed his intuition and prejudice to get in the way. The EU Referendum had data in spades.

Just over a week on from the EU Referendum and it’s time to take stock and grapple with a key question: Why was the referendum result such a surprise to so many?


MSc Project Management placement experience to employment

21 June 2016
MSc Project Management placement experience to employment - Suhan Setty

MSc Project Management placement experience to employment – Suhan Setty

I would like to tell you how my MSc Project Management placement was a springboard to full-time employment.

I am a mechanical engineer. It has always been a dream of mine to find employment here in England because I perceive the UK to be one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries.

I did a 6 month of work placement experience in Street Crane Company  Limited which I started in October 2015 as a part of my MSc Business Innovation Project module.

Street Crane Company is the UK’s largest overhead crane manufacturer. They have a history spanning more than 70 years and their products are synonymous with quality and reliability. The business was founded back in 1946 with capital of just £88 which they used to create an 800 square foot workshop and install basic machinery. Nowadays it is a £50 million turnover company, producing around 400 complete cranes and 2500 hoists and crane kits every year.


Contribute to research on digital marketing innovation in the UK

10 June 2016
Valerie Menelec

Valerie Menelec

I am currently reading for a PhD at Salford Business School, in Manchester. I am investigating the adoption of innovation within digital marketing firms in the UK, paying special attention to the implications of social, knowledge, human and structural capital on process and service innovations. The investigation is based on providing a detailed picture of innovation that takes into account both internal and external organisational factors.

The focus of the research is on the digital sector, since it is at the core of enabling UK growth, yet long-term innovation is still very much needed. Digital companies operate across most economic sectors from game development, telecommunication to financial services.


Salford Business Submarine Dragon Boat Festival 2016

25 May 2016
Dr Maria Kutar

Dr Maria Kutar

Salford Business Submarine made its second appearance on Sunday 8th May 2016, entering the team’s second ever Salford Dragon Boat Festival.

The team competed for the first time in 2015, where their main aim was to keep out of the water and to make it to the end of the course. Having easily achieved their 2015 target the team set their sights higher for 2016. This year, we wanted to raise even more money for Kidscan – a Children’s Cancer Research charity – and of course we were aiming not just to keep out of the water, but also to win a race! Have we been able to achieve our ambition this year?

Most importantly the team were rowing to raise funds for Kidscan. Cancer is the leading cause of death in children in the UK; 25% of children diagnosed with cancer won’t make it to their 30th birthday. Through groundbreaking research, Kidscan is striving to change that, giving every child with cancer the treatment they need to survive.


How to use Twitter to find a Job

3 May 2016
Jennifer Faughnan on how to use Twitter to find a job

Jennifer Faughnan

Twitter. A place where people update the world on the mundane occurrences of their every day lives in 140 characters or less, right? Well it doesn’t have to be –  it could actually be a good place to find a job!

I’m a MSc Digital Marketing student at the University of Salford Business School and recently started employment at PushON, an award winning Digital Marketing and eCommerce agency in Manchester. How did I land this amazing opportunity I hear you ask? Why, on Twitter, of course!

In this post I will share my personal experience of how to use Twitter to find a job. It began when I shared an article about how great a job as a “Social Media Manager” sounded. That was it – I simply shared my opinion on something I was passionate about.

You might have heard some people talk about a time where products and services find you based on your interests – well that time is now! And this is how it happened on Twitter for me:


My placement experience with Schibsted Media Group (SMG) in Oslo

18 April 2016
Pernille Doxrud - Placement experience Schibsted Media networking Oslo

Pernille Doxrud, MSc Project Management

In January 2015 I began studying an MSc. in Project Management. One of the reasons I chose to study at University of Salford Business School, was the possibility of a placement experience in a company whilst writing the dissertation. I believe that the practical work experience you can gain from this postgraduate programme is unique; it gives you a different angle on the dissertation, as well as possibly opening doors to permanent employment.

Higher Education courses widen your horizons, make you a more aware person. But, whilst education for general knowledge is helpful, practical work placement experience is getting more and more important in the competitive work environment. It is often challenging to find a first job after being a student for many years. A work placement will improve your CV and gives you an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Business School Student shortlisted for #WomenInSearch Award

6 April 2016
Sophie Iredale shortlisted for the Drum

Sophie Iredale

Yesterday, I found out that I was shortlisted for The Drums prestigious Women In Search Award 2016 (#WomenInSearch)! The Women in Search Award is a celebration of women in the field of search marketing, particularly those who have demonstrated expertise, creativity and innovation.

What is Search Marketing? In its simplest form, Search marketing is a form of digital marketing that aims to improve the visibility of a website or digital profile, such as a social media page, within a search engines results pages. The overall aim is to improve web page ranking and drive targeted traffic back to a webpage or profile. A variety of techniques, tactics, tools and strategies are utilised in the process. For more insight into Search Marketing, in particular search engine optimisation, visit this page.

The Drum said the initiative also aims to highlight the “gender imbalance in the search marketing industry and to showcase and celebrate the opportunity for women in the sector”.