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Have you got anything to #Bregret?

27 June 2016
sad pug (CC) by hannah k

sad pug (CC) by hannah k

On Friday morning, 24th June 2016 I woke up to the news that the UK had voted to #leave at the EU Referendum. I have to admit that I was confused and I still am. I was a #Remain voter. However, practically everyone in my village was voting #Leave. I knew there were pockets of #Leave voters. I just thought we overall, after everything was counted, would be staying in the EU.

What is more concerning is the number of #leave voters who are showing both anger and #Bregret. They never believed their vote would matter and were actually as convinced as me that the UK would #Remain an EU nation. Have you, like these voters, got anything to #Bregret? In particular, that within hours of the result the key pledges of the leave campaign have been backtracked on – was the nation misled?

Shortly after the result was announced #Bregret was born. Many #Leave voters admitted that they had not expected the drop in the value of the pound. Others were angry when Nigel Farage admitted that the NHS funding claim was a ‘mistake’. These feelings and expressions of remorse have grown. They started with the voting public ringing electoral services to ask if they could change their vote, and since then #Bregret has gone digital.


#Brexit consequences

24 June 2016

brexit consequences The polling stations have closed, over 30 million votes have been counted and verified and the result is in: and it’s Brexit. Over the coming months, the UK must now negotiate on a number of Brexit consequences.

Below are the thoughts of academics from the University of Salford addressing some of the key Brexit consequences. Find out what they think about a range of topics such as tourism, financial and political stability, international relations, premier league, digital business and employment law