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How to get a graduate job: my seven steps to success

7 August 2016
Huzayfah Bukhat, BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology Graduate

Huzayfah Bukhat, BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology Graduate

Like many other graduates who recently graduated in the summer of 2016, I started to search for that ‘dream job‘ and in my instance – The first job. How to get a graduate job will depend on you and your personality and here is my way…

Every graduate had the same attitude and drive as me. And this meant that I needed to up my game.

As part of my final year, I learnt how to target employers using social media networks. I had already created a personal website as part of my BSc Business Information Technology program but this needed optimising to further target employers.

I would write blog posts regarding project management, web design and business analysis to build an online network and also show employers that I understand my field and what I am passionate about. It was writing these blog posts that helped me to understand what career path I wanted to take – business analysis. Here are my seven steps on how to get a graduate job:


Namitha Muthukrishnan: modern career woman’s guide

23 July 2014
Namitha Muthukrishnan

Namitha Muthukrishnan

I am Namitha Muthukrishnan, a Luxury Hospitality professional and I am currently an MBA student at the University of Salford’s Business School.

Let me begin by saying that I am extremely impressed with women at the University of Salford and here is why. It is only my first week at Salford Business School and the first thing that I noticed during the process of admissions is that our Dean – Professor Amanda Broderick is a woman.

Once classes began I found out that the Associate Dean (Academic) and the new director of the Salford MBA program are also women.

Even the Salford Business School’s building is named after a woman!

The building is named after Lady Hale who is the first Lady Law Lord in the UK. All impressive titles held by leaders in their field.