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Back to School to Get Better Data Analytics

7 July 2014
Fast Web Media

Fast Web Media

The UK’s digital advertising spend reached a new record in 2013, valued at £6.3 billion. This double digit growth of 15.2%, highlighted in the study done by Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, is just one of many indicators showing a rapidly expanding industry.

In such a competitive market, evidence based decision making is paramount. Every brand is looking for that extra edge – and digital marketing offers a access to data and insight that was previously impossible. Based on real data you can now gain better understanding of customers’ habits, boost your awareness and compete more effectively against your rivals.

But where do you find that extra understanding, when you have to use the same online metrics that are accessible to everyone? How do you tease out the underlying shifts that lead to top-line events, understand those shifts, and use the knowledge to fine-tune your marketing activity?