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The importance of Human Resource Management #MrBoss

8 May 2015


Human resources are like natural resources; they’re often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they’re not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.”
― Ken Robinson

People are the biggest asset of any organization. However, managing employees in order to maximize them for the benefit of the organization is still a challenge. Why?

Before finding the answer to this question, let’s take the story of #MrBoss as an example. What do you think of him as an Human Resources (HR) manger? Yes, he would be acceptable if he lived 100 years ago, where employees were supposed to absolutely obey and follow their employers’ management style without question. However, it is 2015 now. Things have changed.


Why study Human Resource Management?

6 May 2015

Since the dawn of human history we rely on the study of Human Resource Management to help us reach magnificent results. Any achievement carried out successfully needed a considerable amount of organisation and management. The three main resources available in these projects are time, material and most importantly human resources.

Let’s just think about the immense buildings of ancient civilisations: the Pyramids in Egypt, the Greek and Roman Temples, the Great Wall of China, or the improvements that human society got after the Industrial revolution and the French revolution.

How could these be obtained and created by exploiting the force of hundreds of people without management theory?


Human resource management and development students now benefit from affordable CIPD membership

15 May 2014
Dr Dave Redfern

Dr Dave Redfern

Developing our students’ employability skills whilst they are studying has always been at the heart of our MSc Human resource management and development as well as the BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management. From June 2014, thanks to our lobbying and actions of the Governing Body of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), all students will be able to benefit from affordable CIPD membership.

The Governing Body met at CIPD HQ in Wimbledon on the 24 April. The main item of business was a restructuring of the fees for membership. At present they are flat rated across each grade of membership. The same fee is paid by Students, Associates, Members and Fellows. It was decided to introduce a graduated scale of fees so as to reduce the burden on students and encourage them to join, and to ask more senior members to cover a higher proportion of the cost.

How can you benefit from student membership of the CIPD?