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Academic writing: 10 lessons for business school publications for #REF2020

10 December 2014
Aleksej Heinze

Aleksej Heinze

What should business school academics and those aspiring for a career in a business and management field focus on? The classic four P’s:

  • Publications (high quality journal articles),
  • Pounds (research income),
  • PhD students (the graduation of successful PhD students) and
  • Presence (engagement in conventional press, keynotes etc.) are constantly being extended.

In REF 2014 for example, the change was the introduction of Impact – namely, evidence that research has made a difference in the real world and in REF 2020 it is the importance of open access.

18th December 2014 is the date when the results of REF 2014 are published. However, the work has already been done and individuals who were involved in the evaluation process have reported to their units of assessment – the one most relevant to UK Business Schools is Unit 19 – Business and Management Studies.

So, what are the lessons for UK based academics post REF 2014?