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90 Digital: How remote working secured our success

28 December 2015
Aferdita Pacrami

Aferdita Pacrami, CEO 90 Digital

Becoming a remote working organisation wasn’t an active decision initially but when we set up the business we worked remotely from time to time. When we realised how this was positively affecting our work we decided it was the best route for us as a business.

At the start, when we were just a team of 3 in a shared office in London, we knew we wanted to work flexibly. That meant that we didn’t have strict hours; we worked when we were most productive, and if on some days we didn’t have time to commute to the office we just worked from home. We found we were just as productive working remotely as we were on office-based days. When we started growing our team we quickly realised that talented people can be put off by the constraints of an office.

Today we’re a business of almost 30 people and only five of us are in the office daily (our accounting and legal department). Everyone else works from their home, various co-work spaces, cafes, libraries – anywhere with a really good WiFi connection. Some of us tend to work from one location while others travel from place to place.

So, what is it like working in a remote working business? Here are my top four reasons why remote working is ideal for 90 Digital: