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#ClassOf2016: Your journey starts here!

10 February 2016
Dr Maria Kutar

Dr Maria Kutar

For all #ClassOf2016 final year undergraduate students, Semester 2 of the final year here at Salford Business School is now underway! This week, to mark your time with the School and in anticipation of Graduation, we are taking class photos. Class photos were taken for the first time in 2015 with our Law students and proved a real success, so this year we will be taking photos across all programmes – it would be fantastic if we could get a full house!

The photoshoots are all taking place on the Peel Park campus, and your Programme Director will take you from class when it is time for your session. Claire Angel, our Student Progression Assistant, (who was a photographer in an earlier life!) is manning the camera, and staff from the School are on hand to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Salford Business School will be providing you all with an actual print for your wall, as well as a digital copy, as a memento of your time with us.