The Green Machine steps up to Green Impact challenge

Guest post from Lauren Broderick (Sports Centre receptionist)

“Here at the sports centre we have been working towards the silver award in the first year of taking part in the Green Impact project.

The whole team have got behind the Green Impact work and we have worked hard to make our centre greener- always thinking about the polar bears!

Many of our team members put forward ideas on how we could make the centre ‘greener’ from turning off the vending machines over night to more obscure ideas such as static energy from the tread mils being conserved and being used elsewhere.!

We implemented a lot of our teams ideas, we made sure venders were turned off, turning off electrical equipment and lights overnight and turning off the spa blowers overnight- all of which had been over looked before we began our Green Impact mission.

Following the work book criteria we have made other significant changes in the centre.

It has been an interesting learning curve being part of the Green Impact, learning that small changes can make a big difference. Before taking part in the green impact I wasn’t really concerned about the environment but it has really opened my eyes to the bigger picture. A lot of the ideas I have implemented into my home life such as making sure everything is switched off when its not needed and the love food hate waste campaign.

Although it’s been hard work I have really enjoyed being part of the green impact project.

We are looking forward to taking part next year and going for gold!!”

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