Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to go to university, even though I had no idea what on earth a university did, I knew I wanted to go to one. The idea of being around the beautiful old buildings that stood high and proud representing the idea of achievement was something amazing.

But, after primary school I never thought about university, I was too busy navigating the social jungles of high school, making friends, causing trouble and trying to get as many GCSEs as I could get my hands on. It was only until I went to college when I started to take the idea seriously again. I knew I had to put in a lot of work to find the right university for me, but I had underestimated just how many there were to choose from!

From there you can imagine what happened, a lot of Google searches, applications and university offers. Finally I got a confirmation to study Accounting and Finance and I took my first step on the campus of the University of Salford.


Year 1: Fresh & Ready

Nothing really compares to your first year, it certainly didn’t for me. It is literally a once in a life-time experience, everything is new and exciting. During my first year I became a student representative with the Students’ Union and as a result I was able to meet a lot of students and academics, many of who I still see today.

I got my head down, and was able to do pretty well in my modules. I would recommend getting involved in anything you can! If you have a hobby there is probably someone else who will have the same hobby or interest. But don’t lose sight of what you’re at university for.


Year 2: Second Year Blues

Although I did well in my second year, it wasn’t the same as the first. I was warned about the second year blues but I didn’t know they were a real thing until it was too late. Personally I think it might be the fact that your module results begin to count towards your overall degree or because the amount of work seems to double overnight, but it was fun! I knew the university, I knew the people and it was a whole new year.

During the year I also became the Salford Business School representative helping to improve the School, meeting more students than ever. I then decided to get some experience in my chosen field, so started looking for a professional placement for my third year.


Year 3: Placement

Following on from the summer of second year I was able to obtain a job at the University of Salford’s Students’ Union. I worked as a Student Engagement Assistant which saw me collecting a lot of data, filtering through it all and reporting back on what I found. It helped me a lot with my degree because it related back to a lot of my business modules. The only challenging thing was that because it was a graded year I had to complete six assignments throughout the year. If I could have changed one thing it would have been that.


Year 4: Sabbatical Officer

Usually after a placement year students would return to complete their final year, but I’m not like usual students, I always have to make things complicated! I ran in an annual election and was one of the five students who became a Sabbatical Officer; although I was a Business School student I became the Vice-President of the School of Nursing, Midwifery, Social Work and Social Sciences and the School of Health Sciences. During the year I re-drafted the University academic regulations, worked with Quality and Enhancement to design the new University algorithm, worked on the obtainment gap and helped to support the students of the University on a number of committees. It was an amazing year and I learned a lot, seriously, a lot!


Year 5: Into the home stretch

Currently in my final year, I’m working towards completing my degree so I finally stand up on that graduation stage. I’m excited to complete my degree and at the point of writing I only have six months left to go. I’ve completed three of my modules and I’m making sure I get the most of my final six months. Currently I’m registered to complete two Microsoft accreditations and lead the University of Salford Students’ Union run club.


A lot of people ask me if I could do anything differently would I? And the true answer is no. There have been some ups and downs with my time at Salford but there are ups and downs with anything in life. I’ve enjoyed myself at university and because of it I’m considering going into further education to obtain a master’s degree or MBA.